10 Trendy Flower Jewellery Designs you can’t resist this Summer!

Summer calls for bright colours, fresh designs and light textures.  One such type of jewellery which matches these requirements is Flower Jewellery ! This Summer, when its time for auspicious occasions and weddings, try out these handmade flower jewelleries to add a colourful zing to your outfit!

Here are 10 trendy Flower Jewellery designs you absolutely can’t resist, this Summer (especially if you are bride-to-be! )

  1. Long Flower Necklace

Peach floral necklace

Long flower necklaces are made out of both fresh and artificial flowers. Beaded with pearls, stones and flowers, such necklaces have a longer string length and can be worn with single, solid coloured outfits. If your lehenga blouse has a high neckline, or if you want to keep it simple, yet stylish, this is the perfect floral jewellery design for you.

Pink Yellow flower necklace

Flower jewellery online, is available in various vibrant colours, and designs. Just like this beautiful long pink and yellow artificial flower necklace from Anuradha Art.

   2. Flower Payal:

Payal and anklets have always been an integral part of our Indian rituals and fashion. A new and recent variation in this is fresh or artificial flower payal which, when worn, adorns your beautiful feet, elegantly. Flower anklets are generally custom-made and can be weaved with various flowers, beads and stones, just to suit your look. Flower jewellery for bride should include these cute trinkets!

Floral Payal

 3. Flower Maang tikka

The essential Indian hair adornment, Maang tikka, just got a fresh makeover!  Fresh flower maang tikkas are totally in trend right now because of its unique designs, patterns and overall look. They compliment both your hairstyle and outfit, if worn correctly. Available in both large and small designs, these flower maang tikkas are certainly a current favourite!

Flower maang tika

Floral pink maang tika

This flower maang tikka, beaded to perfection, from Anuradha arts is perfect for Sangeet or Mehendi functions, both for the bride as well as her bridesmaids!


 4. Flower Baaju Bandh

Indian Jewellery designs like Baaju bandh, when worn, make you feel like some mythological damsel, and when they are made with flowers, its like sone pe suhaga, no? Flower Baaju bandhs look unique and stylish, giving your appearance the much-needed quirkiness. You can wear these fresh or artificial flower baaju bandhs with sleeveless or short sleeved blouses to make your arms look beautiful.

This artificial flower baaju bandh is perfect if you are looking for sustainable flower jewellery which does not get spoiled easily.

Floral Bajuband

Fresh flower baaju bandhs are also very much in demand and are perfect for occasions of short durations like haldi ceremony or Mehendi ceremony.

 5. Flower Haathphool

Haathphool, just like the name suggests, are stringed ornaments worn on the back side of your palms, making your hands look graceful and delicate. Flower Haathphools are like flower rings-meet-beaded bracelets kind of designs, which are quite innovative and colourful.

Haathphools are a thing of the runway right now, with many models and actresses from both Hollywood and Bollywood adorning them in various designs. This is a type of statement jewellery and is loved by most of the brides.

Floral hathphool

Pink Floral Hathphool

 6. Floral Kamar Patta

When Baahubali actress Tamannah wore fresh flower kamar patta in the movie Baahubali, it almost broke the internet for its intricate detailing and beautiful colour combinations. Kamar Pattas or Indian waistbands add the Oomph factor in an outfit, making your waist look sexy, in a subtle way. Fresh flower kamar pattas are perfect for baby showers and haldi ceremonies whereas artificial flower kamar pattas can be worn in Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies.

7. Flower Saathlaad Haar

Traditionally, an Indian Saath laad haar would have 465 pearls beaded with diamonds, gold or silver. But over the time, Indian women have opted for lighter jewellery. So, the latest addition in flower jewellery trend is the classic saath laad haar, but with a floral twist! Just like this necklace:

Flower sathlaad haar

This one is inspired from the saathlaad haar design with pearls and artificial flowers

 8. Flower Hair Accessories

Flower hair accessories, like the much-in-demand Flower tiaras (crowns), hair brooches, and flower strings are totally Hot and trending right now! This wedding season, ditch your traditional gold maang tikka for an elegant Fresh Flower Tiara like Bipasha Baasu did, in her Mehendi ceremony:

Floral hair accessories

Or go for the traditional Hair flower accessory like this one:

Floral hair juda flowers

  9. Flower Dupattas

Not exactly a flower jewellery design, this flower accessory is every bride’s dream- yes, a fresh flower Dupatta! Team your beautiful lehenga with a fragrant fresh flower dupatta to enhance your beauty.

Flower Dupattas

The quintessential “Phoolon ki chaadar” has also got a modern twist with new and unique designs.

Phoolon ki chaadar


10. Flower Brooches for Men

If you thought that flower jewellery was just a thing for Women, you are wrong! Men reading this, don’t be disappointed! Wearing a rose in the front pocket of suits and Jodhpuri sherwanis has always been a trend- but now, even men can ditch the simple rose for fresh flower and artificial flower brooches and corsages to match the bride!

You can get matching brooches made for the bridegrooms, with stylish designs!

Floral brooch

Whether you are stepping into a new world or attending weddings, you can be as radiant, fresh, vibrant and colourful as flowers, by wearing these flower jewellery designs. This summer, it’s all about handmade jewellery and Flower Power!

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