20+ Custom Mens Wedding Bands For Your D-Day!

Wedding Bands are really important and play a special part in the lives of the bride and groom as they are going to live with these for the rest of these are the symbol of the pure relation they will share for the years to come.

So it’s best to surprise your special one with amazing and unique custom designed wedding bands.

Some ideas for the same are as follows.

Custom Designed Wedding Bands

If you have any special design in your mind or some special memory, you can get it engraved on your wedding bands. Using a silver and black metal combination is one of the classiest and rustic designs for the same.

Sound-Wave Engraved Wedding Bands

What would be better than feeling the love of your spouse always close to you! Get the Sound-wave with a message in the voice of your partners graphed and cut them out from the couple wedding bands to get an enchanting pair of forever jewelry.



Finger Print Wedding Bands

One of the most amazing things about fingerprints is their uniqueness! No two people on Earth can have same Fingerprints. This is what makes the Fingerprint Custom Wedding Bands so special.

You can proudly show off the love you have for each other and that you both belong to each other.

Fingerprint Heart Designed Couple Wedding Bands

As we know fingerprints are so special and unique, how about declaring your love with a heart of from the fingerprint impressions which are formed only when both rings are together.

This could be the most magical pair of custom matching wedding bands. The crowd will go gaga as you exchange these!


Sound Waves With Solitaire Wedding Band

If you are looking for seriously rare and out of the box Custom design wedding bands for her, then this has to be it!

The sound-wave of a special message in your voice graphed and engraved in the inlay of the ring with a gorgeous solitaire design on top of the ring.

The most beautiful gift for your spouse

Together Forever Custom Wedding Bands

When you decide to create your own wedding bands, you want something extraordinary and special for life.

How cool it would be if you meant saying “Together Forever” through your wedding bands.

Get a message like “A loves B” engraved in the wedding bands such that they can only be read when together!!


Travel And Love Wedding Bands

When a couple loves traveling, they feel lucky to share their love and madness for travel with their partner.

Another Together Forever style wedding band, such an awesome creation shouts out to the people that you love this world, the entire world belongs to both of you when you are with each other!

You Complete Me Wedding Bands

“Sweetheart, you are my missing piece” If this is what you have been wanting to tell her since forever but didn’t want to convey this in plain words?.

Get this sound-wave “You complete me” wedding bands, the custom design men’s wedding bands have a part wave missing which makes a part of the custom women’s wedding bands!


Inside Out Wedding Bands

When you leave a huge imprint on your partner’s life, these wedding bands are a witness to the same. These custom engraved wedding bands are for a pair perfectly in love.

The design engraved on the band for the women is engraved in the inlay for the men’s bands. Thus leaving an imprint forever.

Name Carved Wedding Bands

One of the most popular customized gold wedding bands is the name band. Just get her name carved out on the gold wedding band and it was done!

There can’t be anything more special than wearing such an honest declaration every day like “I belong to her”.


Name And Date Wedding Bands

Don’t want to be loud about your love yet express it to your partner and have it in your life forever? Then try such stylish custom-made diamond wedding bands for your woman and plain white gold wedding band for the man.

This is an awesome pair because of the same design and diamond studded for the women as they like it. Also, engrave each other’s names with your wedding dates in the inlay to make it outstanding.


Save The Date Wedding Bands

The day you exchange rings and make vows to share lives together is the biggest day of your life.

Other than the people, the witness of this holy union is your wedding bands, engrave the date when you get married in the inlay of your band and be assured you never forget the anniversary!


Latitude Longitude Wedding Bands

These custom engraved wedding bands are an absolute steal!

Get the map coordinates of the most special place of your lives like where you first met or are getting married and engrave it in the bands.

Your memory will be cherished forever and is perfect for a geeky groom/bride.

Extremely Personalized Couple Wedding Band

Getting Custom made gold wedding bands aren’t very difficult but since you want it to personalize why not add many aspects to it!

Engrave Fingerprints on a stylish thick gold band with space in the center for a small solitaire.

You can also emboss or engrave your wedding date or Partner’s name in the inlay of the bands.


Custom Stone Square Wedding Bands

You might happen to not like the traditional round rings and bands.

You can get one of the custom platinum wedding bands square and edgy in shape and adds flavor to your wedding.

Get it studded with either your birthstone or stone of your choice to make it special.

Roman Numerical Custom Diamond Wedding Band

For the Geek inside you, these Roman Numeric custom diamond wedding bands are a blessing.

Get your important life events dates like the wedding date or the day you first met or the day you proposed carved out on this ring in Roman numerical and make it stylish yet special.


Black Custom Braille Wedding Bands

Gone are the days when black wasn’t considered auspicious and love could be expressed only conventionally.

Get yourself one of the custom black wedding bands with a special message engraved in Braille language.

A treat to keep not just for the visually impaired, but for everyone who respects people!


Gold Cartouche Wedding Bands

Though there are many designer custom made gold wedding bands, a cartouche wedding band is truly special. Expressing your love in Ancient Egyptian language and embossing it on your wedding band is a rare sight.


Series/Movie Inspired Custom Wedding Couple Bands

If you both are a fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or any other movie or series; get yourself the custom platinum wedding bands with names of the characters of the movie/series engraved.

How cool to flaunt your love for the series as well as the partner through one piece of jewelry! Here is a ring inspired by Game Of Thrones.

Bar Code Wedding Band

The coolest custom design men’s wedding bands, with a bar code engraved, this is so urbane and classy! Get a bar code with an important date or any special number in custom white gold wedding bands, and you are good to go!

This is something to cherish forever.


So, don’t be confused now! Get yourself and your partner the most suited wedding bands, customize them and shine away on your special day!