While your wedding lehenga will always top the list during prioritizing things in your wedding shopping list, it’s your wedding jewellery that comes next, and plays a significant role in enhancing your bridal look for your big day! To be more specific, it’s a bridal necklace which helps in completing an Indian bridal makeover! Can you imagine a bride without a gorgeous piece of jewellery on her wedding? Yeah, me neither! And, if you are a bride-to-be who is looking for some latest jewellery designs to buy that perfect bridal set for your wedding, we are sure you would want to invest in something that’s beautiful, elegant and will leave a timeless effect on your bridal look! So, to help you get an idea on what’s trending in bridal jewellery fashion this year we have featured 20 gorgeous wedding necklaces we found for every bride!

1.The Regal Satlada

Give a royal edge to your bridal look with this resplendently gorgeous seven layers of gemstones and uncut crystals to leave that mesmerising effect on everyone! Usually worn over simpler blouse designs and lightly embroidered wedding lehengas, a satlada adds traditional grace and poise as a fine bridal jewellery for Indian beauties!

2. The Gorgeous 9-Gemstones (Nav-Ratna) Polki Choker

For the brides who want something light yet elaborately designed necklace for their wedding, this one is sure a heart-winner to all! Whether it’s your sangeet ceremony or a post-wedding celebration like your reception party, this beautiful bridal choker will be a great add-on to your wedding jewellery collection! And, due to it’s compact and traditional design, we are sure you will find many auspicious and festive occasions when you can accessorise your traditional look with something like this!

3. The Intricately Designed Triangular Bridal Choker With A Tri-layered Mid-Length Polki Necklace!

Well, this one’s surely a new favourite amongst the new-age brides who love details but aren’t a big fan of huge chunks hanging onto their neckline for their wedding look! And if you are also one of them, I am sure this one will be a great jewellery design to opt for your wedding accessory!

4. This Traditionally Classic Golden Multilayered Bridal Choker With a Beautiful Maroon Beaded Rani Haar!

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style in bridal fashion is the never disappointing combination of Gold and Maroon! And this gorgeous bridal necklace set is a great example of it!

5. This Uber Unique Tri-Pendant Collar Necklace With Mughal Empress’ Paintings for the Art-Enthusiast In You!

Can you not like this? Yeah, that’s what we thought too! We loved how well this gorgeous tri-pendant necklace will add an artsy touch to your bridal look. For, we are sure you will look nothing less than a masterpiece with this beautiful bridal accessory in your trousseau!

6. When Pearl and Diamonds are What You Are Planning To Wear On Your Wedding Day!

Looking for something simple and equally elegant? How about this one?

7. That Perfect Symmetrically Designed Bridal Choker to Lowkey Channel the Monica Geller In You!

If you are a sucker for symmetry, designs and everything orderly, well, we are sure you might want to go for something as this beguilingly satisfying as this gorgeous piece of a bridal necklace! *Hearteyes*

8.  This Gorgeous Sky Blue Kundan Mid-length Rani Haar For a Light-Colour Wedding Outfit!

If Jasmine were an Indian bride, we are sure this would be her pick for a gorgeous wedding jewellery!

Not only is it a pretty choice for any of the bride’s pre-wedding function looks but also for the bridesmaids who will go for this beautiful statement wedding accessory!

9.  This Big and Boldly Embedded Kundan Set for the Brides Who Would Love Something Unique!

Oh so graceful and pretty!!!!

10. The Bib Necklace Accessorised with Statement Chand-Maantikka and Bejewelled Nath for a Typical Punjabi Bride’s Look!

11. Contrasting Polki and Emerald Necklace Styled Upon a Light-Hued Wedding Lehenga!

If you are planning to go for a pastel-hued wedding lehenga, we are sure this one will be a great fit for bridal-transformation to slay on your big day!


12. This Gorgeous Trio of Beautiful Necklaces with Different Lengths!

13. The Jadvi Choker and Long Rani Haar with Dangling Emeralds That Will Give a Unique Touch to Your Bridal Transformation!

14. The Outfit Matching Bold and Uncut Polki Droplet Necklace…

…That Almost Looks As if It Came Attached with the Dress!


15. The Gulbandh for the Brides Who Have a Thing for Classic Wedding Accessories!

We bet, you can rely on it more than anything else in your bridal trousseau! *Of course after your wedding lehenga*






16. The Polki Bib Necklace with Tiny Emeralds…

…That Will be a Perfect Fit as a Beautiful Bridal Jewelry Set!

17. The Amazingly Beautiful Kundan Mint Necklace…

…To Emulate The Classic Mughal Empress-Style!


18. The One from Anita Dongre’s Jewellery Collection That Will Go With Pink, Orange, Red and even Maroon!


19. Get Nikah ready with this breathtaking haar with a heart-shaped pendant!



20. The Most Trending Multi-Layered Polki Set You Can Never Go Wrong With!

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