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2021 Jewelry Design and Bridal Trends


A bride doesn’t look complete without jewelry at the wedding. Agreeing this, we know that this big event of life requires exotic bridal jewelry which captures the sight of everyone. Whether it is earrings, a necklace set, Matha Patti, or anklet, these all accessories should be fascinating and mesmerizing. Adhering its importance, every bride seeks the latest jewelry trends to look fabulous. Be it gold, silver, diamond, or costume jewelry there are tons of designs that pop up every year.

Your selection of jewelry design inherently defines your personal style. So, you are required to check out the following bridal Jewelry trends that will prevail in 2020. Your decision-making process will be easy and your style will be unique and ahead of time.

Join us!

1. Gold Jewelry

For the day when you have to shine and glow, be a recipient of gold jewelry and follow the years long trend which never gets old. When was the last time you heard that you shouldn’t buy gold jewelry? Your answer would be “very rare”. There is no doubt in that. This jewelry trend has remained the favorite of everyone all time! Your preference will make you a surefire winner.

2. Kundan Jewelry

If you want to make your jewelry a focal point of attention on the wedding, then this trend is for you. Kundun jewelry is made from pure gold (around 24karat gold). This Mughal Jewelry design signifies elegance and is appropriate for the brides who wish to look gorgeous and traditional Jewelry set for your wedding day. This style has always been in demand. So, select only those jewelry items which have authentic stamps or quality certifications.

3. Diamond Jewelry

Instead of taking the gold or Kundan jewelry as primary options, if your budget allows then add this one as well. The bridal outfit gets enriched if you add diamond jewelry to it. It will create a perfect balance of festivity and luxuriousness for you to appear different on your mega event. Believe or not, but getting a touch of diamond will enhance your attire and will make you receive a compliment from everyone.

4. Filigree Jewelry

Another bridal jewelry trend in buzz is filigree fashion jewelry. It is formed with metal work (metallic threads and beads) and is quite well crafted. The twisted and curled metal threads and beads fuse together into subtle lacy patterns and designs. This style will be noteworthy to dress up any outfit. So, add luster when worn for a wedding, or special event.

5. Antique Jewelry

One of the other styles which is ascending and now has become a trend. If you get antique jewelry from your mother or grandmother, then keep it safe for your marriage ceremony. In contemporary times, you have the option of online jewelry shopping as well. When you look at purchases from online mediums, just check carefully that it is still having a good condition. It looks old and stylish but there should be no missing gems.

6. Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari jewelry is made up of metals like brass, copper, silver, and gold and has colored enamels. Such jewelry designs are captivating and refreshing with its unmatching embellishments. If you have to heighten the quotient of your big occasion, then this fashion statement will add value to it. Over the years, this form of art has attained huge recognition. This design is in demand by the modern generation and symbolizes a rich culture. Your divine look will say it all by wearing it.

7. Maharani Haar

This style sticks to its name is of long size, and usually heavy. If you wish to add grace to your bridal outfit, then this layered necklace cum haar is one of the best choices. Having so many strings around five or six, this multilayered necklace will add tons of elegance to your appearance.

Final Thought:
Hence, there is no need to look here, and there, your planning of jewelry design is much simplified now. Amid jewelry new arrivals, just go for the ones mentioned in the list above. Be an epitome of style and grace by carrying one the trendy designs and surely you will rock!

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