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Imitation Jewellery Trends in Pakistan 2021

We see many people going out for shopping with zero knowledge of stuff. We see people buying expensive sweaters with intentions of never wearing it. Same is the case with Jewellery!

Hiba Creations - Imitation Jewellery Trends in Pakistan 2021

Women become materialistic when it comes to their Jewellery items. As a Pakistani, one should know the value of cheap yet classy things it also enhances the identity of a Pakistani. A TRUE PAKISTANI! For a woman, Jewellery is as mandatory as an outfit or maybe more. Finding a right piece of Jewellery that matches your outfit can be a bit tricky but the results will shock you. Just a simple, elegant Jewellery item can bring your dull outfit to life! And remember, to stay on top of the game, you just need to scroll through the trendiest trends!


Now what exactly are imitation Jewellery? Imitation Jewellery is basically a set of accessories that are made of variety of artificial materials and such jewelry items are found widely in every Pakistani women’s wardrobe. The imitation jewelry producer continues to change their designs each day and each season.

Imitation jewelry is undeniably very popular among ladies living in top cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. As a Punjabi woman, they show huge interest in imitation jewelry. “Imitation jewelry trends in Pakistan 2021” are never ending! Here are probably the Latest Imitation jewelry trends in Pakistan’s Jewelry Industry:

Imitation Tassel Earrings

Undeniably, tassel earrings are simple yet classy among women living in top cities of Pakistan. These are light weight and are a go to for every outfit hoping for deliverance from every worry! They are a highlight of your look and can make any basic look transform into an Indo western style. They are exceptionally competitive in their own kind. Tassel earrings can be seen enhancing every woman’s appearance. Not just this but also Pakistani celebrities such as Mawra Hussain, Aiza khan, Yumna Zaidi, Nadia Hussain etc. are seen stealing the show with their elegant look with these classy tassel earrings.

Imitation tassel earrings price online are the most affordable earrings ranging between 200/RS to 300/RS, giving you some major pocket friendly goals!


Crochet Jewellery  in Pakistan 2021

Crochet Jewellery pieces are the new sensations women are drooling over nowadays. Gorgeous neck pieces, fancy earrings, classy bracelets and finger rings all can be made out of crochet yarn and crochet hooks. The magnificence and style of these crochet jewelry designs can be raised more by using pearls, beads and buttons.

Crochet Jewellery are beauty pieces that are popular among Pakistani women. These are the classiest masterpieces that Pakistani women wear with their western outfits. Crochet jewelry is known as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi’s popular street style wear.

Such Jewellery is immensely worn by Pakistani celebrities. No doubt arises, desi women are the classiest ones who know how to look better and style up things accordingly. Whether it’s a crochet necklace, bracelet or a simple ring, our desi women do justice to every piece! As these are handmade and threaded, so these are too affordable for everyone to buy 10-15 pieces at a time

Quilling Jewellery in Pakistan 2021

Its understandable if you are a Pakistani woman and not a fan of heavy expensive Jewellery. So, what are the alternatives to this? The most popular and most worn Jewellery is quilling Jewellery. The best part is, these can also be made at homes by everyone. Regarding top cities, women are extra creative and stylish so they prefer stuff that goes well with their standards. Quilling Jewellery is one of their standards! Not just this but also our very popular celebrities wear quilling Jewellery. Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore young ladies are a big fan of quilling Jewellery. These will cost you less than 500/RS even if you buy these in piles.


Kundan Jewellery in Pakistan 2021

Apart from being really expensive and made of pure gold, kundan Jewellery is also made artificial for Pakistani women to wear at formal occasions not just formal but also at weddings, parties and EVERYWHERE! Kundan Jewellery enhances Pakistani weddings as it gives a really elegant and classy look to the whole look. Whether a bride is flaunting her kundan Jewellery or even guests, the charm is REAL! All of the Pakistani celebrities’ wear kundan Jewellery of various designs. Whether it’s a drama, film or real life, kundan Jewellery is a woman’s best friend! Our stylish lasses living in top cities are seen wearing kundan Jewellery to their everyday life. Kundan Jewellery may sound very heavy pieces to you but they produced or designed in simple pieces too, for you to wear them everywhere literally EVERYWHERE! Kundan Jewellery can be both, expensive and cheap, depends on the design you are opting for!

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Oxidized Jewellery  in Pakistan 2021

Who might have thought that women in 2021 would lean towards wearing Jewellery in black and silver more than gold? We wouldn’t say gold has lost its essence obviously, oxidized Jewellery has its own reputation among the women living in Pakistan, and is considered as the trendiest Jewellery items. Celebrities and every citizen of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are a big fan of oxidized Jewellery as vintage look is all they need their life! Oxidized Jewellery gives a vintage feel to the wearer. probably a stroll into retro is all they need. That’s true, gold is too mainstream for our Pakistani style’s and their freedom to this is oxidized Jewellery! Not denying the fact that gold has its own essence but the competition is now difficult! Oxidized Jewellery is not too expensive, you can find these everywhere around the globe in different prices!


Stacked Jewellery

Truly, we say simplicity, sobriety is the real beauty however this stacked Jewellery is such a heartthrob that it makes it harder for us to define what is a piece of real beautiful Jewellery? No doubt, stacked Jewellery is a real show stealer and a ream game changer but if you are a Pakistani woman then you must agree with the amount of classiness and elegance it adds to your beauty! These are a go to for every outfit, whether you are going for desi ootd or western ootd, the charm will stay the same! As our young Pakistani women are not a big fan of heavy Jewellery so these are A MUST HAVE! Not just this but also our dear celebrities, they wear stacked Jewellery everyday too!  Stacked Jewellery is most popular among the top cities such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi as these are the cities where fashion is more likely at a very high level!

So, are these Jewellery trends on your buying list?

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