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3 Diamond Rings Jewellers in Pakistan To Put On Your Radar

When it comes to diamond rings in Pakistan, some may be reluctant to stray from the traditional. But for those choose for something a little exceptional, there’s no better place than Instagram to explore your options.

So if you’re gathering Diamond Ring’ and want something a little bit ‘out of the box’ look no further – we’ve found the most unique diamond rings under-the-radar best jewellers in Pakistan has to offer.

If you’re looking for some out of the box diamond ring inspiration, we suggest you put these best  jewellers in Pakistan on your radar, stat.


Haroon Sharif Jewellers

1 / 3

Who: Haroon Sharif Jewellers
Designer: Haroon Sharif
Based In: Lahore, Pakistan
Aesthetic: Euphoria Collection
Perfect For: Feminine, Engagement Rings and bride.
Instagram: @HaroonSharifJewellers

Damas Pakistan

2 / 3
Who: Damas Pakistan
Designer: Manufacturing Company
Based In: Lahore, Pakistan
Perfect For: The bride inspired by old Hollywood glamour.
Instagram: @damas.pakistan

Solitaire Designer Jewellery

3 / 3
Who: Solitaire Designer Jewellery
Designer: Manufacturing Company
Based In: Lahore, Pakistan
Perfect For The bride who prefers something a little darker.
Instagram: @solitairedesignerjewellery


For those who still don’t decide on what will be the perfect diamond rings for your engagement, here are our best jewellers in Pakistan on your radar to get your diamond rings in Pakistan will surely help you in picking the right one.

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