5 Common Jewellery Pieces to Wear in Pakistan

For thousands of years, women’s jewellery sets are considered as a symbol of adornment. They also love sporting them with their outfits for that royal feel. Especially when there is some wedding season on horizon, investing in some sparkly statement pieces gets significant. Just as the matching shoes and handbags are necessary, some matching jewellery is also crucial to add complement to the look. Since there is a variety of Pakistani jewellery that you can shop for, we are sharing a few items that are commonly worn on different occasions.

Finger Rings

It is the kind of accessory women are very fond of. Even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like wearing jewellery much, rings are worn effortlessly. When you pick a perfect shape, size, and design for the accessory, it adds glam to your personality very easily.

women finger rings



While choosing this piece of jewellery, there are no limitations of size. You can pick as per your preferences but make sure it must complement your face cut. Markets are filled with earrings of various styles to fulfill women’s fashion needs. While many women like wearing tiny studded earrings on regular basis, there are heavy jeweled jhumkis also available for their ears’ embellishment on formal occasions too.

womens earrings



It is a piece of jewellery that looks absolutely stunning on the delicate wrists of women. Whether a married or unmarried girl, both wear bangles to exude their femininity.

ladies bangles



In the range of women’s jewellery, a bracelet is another item to be worn around the wrist. Designs for which are usually thin and intricate to go perfect for young girls. This style inspires modern and traditional fashion both.

ladies bracelets


Necklace Sets

These statement pieces are available in a huge variety of designs. Covering your neck, a well-matched necklace adds more highlights to your look. Since many designers are bringing back the old traditional fashion of necklaces by recreating them, they are becoming very popular these days. Choker, heavy collar necklace, and mala like opera necklace are some of the trending styles that have come back to fashion.

ladies necklaces


Last Thoughts

Other than that, if you are a bride-to-be, all jewellery should be the real stellar. Basically, Pakistani bridal jewellery is a bit heavier as all that sparkles are to capture the eyes. In today’s world, online shopping of women’s jewellery has given a lease of life. Many bridals just browse through their go-to websites and pick their favorite pieces in just a few clicks. If you are also planning to buy such elegant jewellery for any special occasion, make sure to buy women’s jewellery online in Pakistan.

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