5 Type Of Toe Rings Married Women Must Hold In Her Collection

Wearing toe rings are highly practiced in India. It is made out of metal and worn on any of the toes, but most commonly it is worn on second finger from toe.  It is believed that nerve in second toe finger connects to the uterus and passes through the heart. And also it denotes the married state of Hindu women and is known as bichiya in Hindi, minji in Malayalam, jodavi in Marathi, mettelu in Telugu, mitti in Tamil and kaalungura in Kannada. Since Ramayana times, toe rings have been a part of married women’s accessory collection.

Toe rings are basically made of silver and not of gold, as gold holds respected status and may not be worn below the waist by Hindus.  Toe ring come in many different forms and shape, from floral design to single bands embedded with diamonds along with enamel work.

Let’s have a look on different types of toe rings:

1. Sterling Silver Toe Ring

Commonly in Indian tradition sterling silver toe ring is gifted to daughter in law during the wedding ceremony.  Like mangalsutra toe ring also signifies the marital status of women. Silver crafted toe rings are long lasting and durable too.

2. Jodavi

In Maharashtra a specific circular design toe rings is being worn by married women. The design of jodavi is simple yet unique. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation and flow.

3. Imitation Golden Finish Toe Rings

According to changing trend and fashion, now a day’s antique golden finish toe rings are in more demand.  The designs, sparkling stones and enamel work toe rings are available in the market and its royal look is the center of attraction.

4. Toe Ring Attached Payal

Now in market we see the various pattern in jewellery ornaments and something new is really appreciated and slowly it’s become the fashion. Toe ring attached payal is the latest trend of wearing payal and toe ring together.  In this pattern toe ring is attached to payal with strings just like hathphool which is hand ornament.

5. Three Finger Toe Ring(Pola)

Three finger toe ring is the set of toe rings attached by the loop between the fingers. This type of toe ring is also known as pola. Silver being the good conductor adsorb the polar energy from earth and transmit to body which gives a positive energy and refreshing whole body.


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