6 Layered Necklaces That Look Amazing With Fall Outfits

6 Layered Necklaces That Look Amazing With Fall Outfits - Isharya - 111119

As the temperature cools down, our jewelry cravings spike. Layering on the luxe tends to warm up an outfit and make crisp days seem a little more delightful. Our theory: Why settle for one layer of glistening gold and sparkling mirrored gems when you can wear several, all in one statement. We’re pulling out all the stops this season and rocking these head-turning layered necklaces. From showstopping to borderline minimal, each of these is perfect for pairing with a favorite fall look.

The stunning Isharya NOW DIY Multi layered Necklace does more than just sparkle and shine. It’s also fully customizable.

How to wear it: It’s all about balance. This 3-layered piece will shine paired with a square neckline or sleeveless silhouette.


The Isharya Modern Maharani Twinkling Mirror Necklace is a sophisticated statement piece that borders between minimal and oh-so-extra.

How to wear it: Let this piece drape over a dressy button-up or wrap around a sleek high-neck.


The Isharya Empress Warrior Azure Pearl Tassel Necklace is anything but your run-of-the-mill layered piece. Channel major royal vibes with dramatic shapes and dangling pearls.

How to wear it: Because this piece is such a head-turner, you can keep the rest of your look simple. Opt for a sleek, no-fuss dress or top.


layered necklaces - Demi Goddess Long Chain 2

The Isharya Demi Goddess Long Chain‘s simplicity and beauty make it an instant favorite. Designed to add just a hint of sparkle to your look, don’t be surprised if this becomes your new go-to.

How to wear it: The effortlessness of this piece makes it a perfect candidate to pair with nearly everything in your wardrobe, from cocktail dress to designer tee.


layered necklaces - Demi Goddess Chain & Mirror Medallion Layered Necklace 2

Goddess vibes, activated. The Isharya Demi Goddess Chain & Mirror Medallion Layered Necklace basically is an outfit all on its own.

How to wear it: Simplicity is key in order to give this piece the recognition it deserves. Layer over a solid top or dress. Aim for either a high neck or bold plunge.


layered necklaces - Mirrors on the Move Three Layered Necklace

The elegantly bold Isharya Mirrors on the Move Three Layered Necklace delivers on sparkle factor. Three layers of charms in varied shapes and sizes create a double tap-worthy statement.

How to wear it: The decadent-modern vibe of this necklace is best paired with a simple, minimalist dress.



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