Bracelets often are regarded as underrated in the world of accessories as compared to other accessories. But every coin has two sides. Wearing a bracelet adds a final touch to your overall appearance. They are stylish and elegant, and give a playful touch to your otherwise sober appearance. They are available in different materials – hemp, leather, cloth, plastic and metal as well. Some of them are manufactured using rocks, wood or shells. If you like spending a bit more, then there are beautifully crafted bangles embellished with pearls, gold, silver and diamonds as well.

Did You Know?

The term ‘bracelet’ originates from the word ‘brachium’ which is a Latin terminology meaning ‘arm’.

Here are 6 stylish bracelet types for the women who love to experiment:

  1. Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets, as the name suggests, are sole open-link chains attached with small charms. Such charms are minute forms created with silver or gold. Personalized charm bracelets are trending this 2017, where you can get any charms attached to your bracelet, like written names, geometrical shapes, funky or zigzag designs and much more.

Best paired with: A casual outfit for a movie or a casual lunch with friends!

Charm bracelet

  1. Interlocked Chain Bracelets:

These bracelets are the most preferred ones by women for daily use. They are created by interlocking metal links in various sizes and shapes studded with semi-precious stones or diamonds. Yet another variation in these bracelets could be seen in toggle-clasp bracelets which are quite trendy.

Best paired with: Formal Shirts and trousers; Party outfits with Long heavy earrings.

Inter locked chain bracelet.jpeg 1


  1. Bangle Bracelets:

These funky bracelets are made up of different bangles stuck together. Available in a mixture of different materials- plastic, wood or metal, these bracelets are very popular among young girls. The best part is that you can find them in different and vibrant colours.

Best paired with: Plain White T-shirt/ Jeans; Plain outfits like one pieces or Jumpsuits.

Bangle bracelet



  1. Cuff Bracelets:

These types of bracelets are crafted in semi-closed bangle style. You can relatively adjust the sizes and hence easily they’re easy to wear. They are generally made of oxidized metal and have delicate patterns engraved on them. Did you know? These type of bracelet designs are inspired by the Egyptian designs.

Best Paired with: Boho-chic dresses, Simple White Kurtis or Long Indo-Western Skirts.

Cuff Bracelet

  1. Beads Bracelets:

These stylish bracelets are mostly famous among young girls and women. They are generally made of hemp, string or wire in which metallic, wooden or plastic beads are woven or fitted. Some designs are simple with single strings while some designs have number of strings attached in the form of one bracelet.

Best Paired with: Casual T-shirts, Jeans or Casual Dresses.

Beads bracelet


  1. Tennis Bracelets:

If you are into buying beautiful Jewellery pieces made up of Platinum or Silver, you definitely cannot miss out on these types of bracelets.  Tennis fancy bracelet are in the shape of diamond or precious stones studded wristbands. They’re generally available at slightly higher prices but are totally worth it, especially for their elegance and royal look. These designs are inspired from the bracelet a famous Tennis Player, Chris Evert used to wear, in her matches.

Best Paired with: Long, Flowy evening gowns, Anarkali Dresses, or Floor length dresses, paired with Precious stones studded earrings.

Tennis bracelet

With different types of stylish bracelets available in so many designs, you can buy the item of your choice. Nothing can beautify your wrist like well designed, party wear or funky bracelet for women . Bracelets also act as amazing gifts for women as well as men. Yes! There are various designs for men as well. So go get yourself a stylish bracelet right away!

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