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Alluring Chokers by Hamna Amir That Are Epitome of Luxe Elegance

Hamna Amir never ceases to amaze us whether it’s with her calligraphy jewelry or timeless kundan pieces. But it goes without saying that her chokers are what impresses us the most. Sometimes, all a bride needs, is a choker worthy of a princess to add a dash of tradition to her stature and Hamna Amir’s chokers do exactly that.  These elegant chokers have been artfully designed by the legendary designer herself. Hamna Amir’s exquisite jewelry is the pure reincarnation of intricacy and special attention has been made to detail in each and every piece. The craftsmanship displayed in Hamna Amir jewelry is yet unrivaled and remains unparalleled. Whether it’s traditional jewels you’re in search of or contemporary accessories Hamna Amir is the designer for you.

Some chokers will remind you of our heritage and you’re bound to take a trip down memory lane with these classic designs. They’ll transport you back in time and take you back a few epochs when “gulubands” or simply chokers were a bridal jewelry essential and were part of every bride’s bridal jewels or at least her trousseau. Here are numerous alluring chokers by Hamna Amir that are sheer spectacles of adroitness:












These are some deeply mesmerizing chokers by the illustrious Hamna Amir. As usual, her sense of creativity has beguiled us all and we find her chokers deeply appealing. They are perfectly well suited for brides who aren’t keen on satlara haars and who aspire for simplicity on their wedding day. These timeless accessories will make you look like a regal Maharani.

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