American Diamond Jewellery- Affordable, Elegant and Exquisite!

American Diamond Jewellery- Affordable, Elegant and Exquisite!

Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend for a lot of years now. But, for those of us who can’t preserve real diamonds and are not Richie-rich, these inexpensive yet expensive diamond look-alikes have been our best friends instead and will always be so, undoubtedly. Yes, I am talking about American Diamonds.

What are American Diamonds?

To buy American Diamond Jewellery, you need to know what they are. American Diamonds are synthetic forms of diamonds created in special laboratories. How are they different from Real Diamonds? Well, real diamonds are found in nature in a rough form and are then cut and polished.

What’s so special about American Diamond Jewellery?

Well, what some of you might not know that even if these diamond jewellery types are considered as artificial, they are made by the same workers or kaarigars who make real diamond jewellery. Most importantly, even the machinery used to make American diamond jewellery is the same as real diamond jewellery! Isn’t that amazing? Same perfection, same finesse, yet, less prices.

Why should I buy American Diamond Jewellery?

Answer is pretty simple- ‘appearance’. American Diamond jewellery sets look elegant, classy and a class apart. Moreover, you don’t have to worry much about the weight, as they are light to wear and suit any appearance- Indian, Western or Fusion.

Now, let’s open up the 2018 Style File, and let us have a look at the Top 10 American Diamond Jewellery Designs

1. American Diamond Long Necklace

American Diamond necklaces either have a gold or silver finish metal and many a times, are also paired with colourful stones! The length varies from short necklaces to longer ones with various designs, like this long necklace:

American diamond necklace

Long American diamond necklace with emerald and ruby coloured stones. Wear it with a traditional Saree, or pair it with a short necklace.

2. American Diamond Short Necklace


Short American Diamond necklace come in both semi-traditional and traditional designs. This one shown here, is a perfect example of how American Diamonds can be fitted to stylish, modern and western designs as well. They give you the feel of wearing something exquisite, at affordable prices.

American diamond short necklace


3. American Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Many times, you see lots of Hollywood stars walking down the red carpet wearing lovely, long, glittery real diamond chandelier earrings, and you dream of wearing them too. Well, dream no more! Buy American Diamond Chandelier Earrings and rock the red-carpet look, in half the price!

These Diamond earings can again be a combination of different coloured stones with American diamonds, like these, which can be worn on both traditional as well as western outfits:

Chandelier earrings

Or can be simple, yet elegant, which can be worn with cocktail dresses, like these delicate, ethereal chandelier earrings one from Anuradha Arts:

Dimaond earrings4. American Diamond Finger Rings

Modern women today, get easily bored by wearing same old jewellery designs, especially in the real diamond finger ring collection. In order to keep it trendy and stylish, you can always buy American Diamond Finger rings to adorn your beautiful fingers. Available in both Gold and silver finish, designs of American Diamond rings are experimental today, using flower designs, leaf designs, Crown designs and also pairing them with coloured stones in the centre. Have a look at this one:

American_Diamond_Finger_Rings_15255240981_white5. American Diamond Nose Rings

If there is any American diamond accessory that has made a comeback, it is the American Diamond Nose ring. Nose rings enhance the features of your face, making you look sultry and edgy. The light-weight and variety of designs of American diamond nose rings, make them very popular amongst women of all ages! Today, the modern Indian woman has become more experimental with nose rings, and to suit their requirements, the traditional designs have been given a makeover.

American diamond nose ring

 6. American Diamond Bracelets

Ladies, I believe that a correct choice of bracelet is very important to create a perfect look for every occasion. Available in both chain-link and bangle/ Kada designs, American Diamond bracelets are celebrated for their unique designs. Let these bracelets adorn your delicate wrists, making them looking more elegant than ever, in any occasion.

American diamond bracelet

Chain-link Bracelet

Green stone bracelet

Kada design with colourful green stones.

7. American Diamond Hand Harnesses

These are totally in-demand in the market, especially for weddings and other related functions! American Diamond Haath phool or Hand harness is a design which has been cherished since years. A lot of women today are opting for these designs instead of heavy bangles or huge finger rings, to make a statement.

ZHF-160_Net_Rs_300_Q-3_Singl1505723499_white8. American Diamond Ear Tops

The most frequently bought jewellery made with American Diamonds is Ear tops. They don’t look artificial, they are easy on your pockets and are the most convenient to wear, in day-to-day life, no matter where you work. You can wear the slightly big and chunky ear tops for formal Office Meetings or the small ear tops in your daily routine. You’ve probably been buying American Diamond ear tops for a long time now, but the new designs are something you need to check right now!

American diamond ear tops9. American Diamond Maang Tikaas

Maang tikas are no longer worn only by brides. Women love these designs, especially in American Diamonds. American Diamond Maang Tikas come in both big and small designs.

American diamond maang tika10. American Diamond Pendant Sets:

If you have a thing for Pendant sets, American Diamond pendant set designs, will leave you amazed! When you wear them, you’ve got to be ready to be complimented by everyone around you, because that is the magic of American Diamonds!

American diamond pendant set

American Diamond Jewellery will never disappoint you. In fact, you are tension free when you wear them, as the chances of it being stolen, are less. You can also wear it while you’re travelling! This type of jewellery is affordable and would leave you feeling beautiful! So, spend less- gain more!

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