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Anklets Design with Online Price in Pakistan 2021

Girls love for anklets is something that cannot be put into words. A simple yet elegant anklet also known as payal is loved by almost every woman. Anklets are a major part of bridal fashion in Pakistan and are cherished for their gleaming sound, in addition to delicate appearance.

Hiba Creations - Anklets Design with Online Price in Pakistan 2021

Anklets are customarily worn by brides, newlyweds and almost every woman all over Pakistan. They, as well, as other jewelry pieces come in a simple, elegant and light weight variety or heavily decorated for anklet loving brides. also called ankle chains or ankle bracelets have consistently been well known. For the majority of the women, anklets are a must have accessory.

Brides or guests have continuously adored wearing anklets. Some likewise wear it to shield themselves from the evil eyes. Social bloggers or influencers of this period are also seen talking and showing tremendous interest in anklets as a great deal of them are seen wearing them in various different elegant designs.

Every anklet of different designs has their own prices according to their material and the embellishments used. Their prices can vary from a few hundreds to a few thousands too. E.g., gold and silver plated anklets can be expensive but simple anklet chains can be very cheap.


In this article, we will discuss some elegant styles of anklets to parade this season. Generally, they are of different materials – Silver Anklets, Silver Payal, Dulhan Payal, and so on. Let’s get started!

Simple Silver or Golden Anklet Chains:

Simple has always been a new fashion for almost every woman. However, simple anklets in silver or gold seems VERY SIMPLE but have their own class and elegance. These simple yet elegant anklet chains give an extra dimension to the way you dress up. Silver and gold plated anklets are exceptionally well known among young and even newlyweds. They come in different styles, designs, work, and embellishments. These silver and gold anklets can have pendants of different designs, of all forms such as animal inspired, leaf shaped designs, vintage and classy designs or beadwork etc. Prices of these anklets can vary from 900/RS to 2000/RS.

Bead work anklets:

Beads are used as an adornment in style –clothing, bags or jewelry and so on. It adds to the eye allure and cost of anything. In anklets, beadwork can be done in various creative ways. These can be made in different designs, colors and cuts. These flawless beads can give your anklet the ideal look. Likewise, different types of beads can represent character and cultural importance. Beaded work anklets are not expensive at all. These anklets are priced from 200/RS to 500/RS.

Stone Work Anklets:

Stone work anklets are popular among every woman living in Pakistan as stones are loved by the most. Stones represent astrology. Many people wear stone according to their stars and suggested by their astrologer. Stones can be used in rings, bracelets and obviously anklets. Can be styled in any way you like it to be. If you are looking for original stone anklets then their prices may vary from a few thousands to very expensive but fake stone anklets can be very reasonable. 400/RS to 600/RS.

Brass Golden Anklets:

Brass golden anklets are the chunkiest and elegant anklets and are loved by almost every woman. If you have ever heard of Rajasthan then you must know these are the beauty of Rajasthani women. But now, not just Rajasthan has been blessed with this beauty, these anklets are now delivered all across Pakistan. Brass golden anklets are one of the most bought jewelry. These pieces need a lot of attention, design and bending when produced. Brass anklets are priced differently. You may find a few expensive and a few very reasonable. Prices vary from 500/RS to 1000/RS or more.

Alloy Gold Dulhan Payal:

Alloys are known for their combinations of one or more metals. Alloy is used to strengthen a product material. An alloy of gold or brass in anklets is known for its shine and elegance. Ordinarily, you will see newlyweds wearing ‘Dulhan Payal’ made of gold or an alloy of brass and gold. Alloy gold Dulhan payals are beautifully decorated with different hanging embellishments too or motis. These anklets are also not too expensive, you will always stay in budget while buying these beautiful alloy gold Dulhan payals.

Copper Silver Plated Anklets:

These elegant silver anklets have a copper base. As a plus, copper additionally invigorates and gloss to the product jewelry. These Payals are thick and hefty, is adored and purchased by every woman, especially wedded. They certainly add beauty to one’s feet. You can likewise go for unique pieces which are adorned with various work like stone, beads and so forth. These, too, are not expensive and are budget friendly.

Stylish Anklets:

Truth be told, these anklets are the most bought anklets every year. These are unique, simple and elegant and also looks very fashionable. These anklets are the most well-known and in vogue. Generally artificial, they are in gigantic interest and demand among teens and young ladies. different and snappy anklets can be a decent piece of art in this case that you are by and large a major embellishment and jewelry fan. The pendant in this specific anklet is a German silver pendant with dark beads and decorated work. These anklets are priced from 300/RS to 600/RS maximum, can be low or a little too high but are budget friendly, PROMISE!

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