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Artificial Bridal Jewellery Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

If you are a Pakistani then you are actually really VERY lucky! Bridal jewellery in Pakistan 2021 is always made with love and passion, made by jewellery experts, giving extra concertation to the details and has a high demand. Many small ventures situated in Pakistan are known for producing elegant wedding jewellery, with fantastic craftsmanship that is sent out to countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and significantly more.

Hiba Creations - Bridal Jewellery Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

The Pakistani wedding jewellery 2021 highlights the ever-beautiful cultural designs, going from Kundan work to beads, and even the utilization of American Diamonds, the embellishments for the bridal jewellery has unlimited prospects. Pakistan is best known for its bridal jewellery 2021. Whether your plans are to go ALL SIMPLE or heavy, Pakistan’s bridal jewellery won’t disappoint you!

Bridal jewellery has many kinds and pieces to be worn on your special day. Basics are elegant Rings, Jhumkas, Tikkas or Matha Patti. The best part is, these bridal masterpieces can be worn or styled up in any way you like them to be.

For example, flower jewellery or gota jewellery can be worn on a mehndi night or mayon night whereas gold or artificial masterpieces can be worn on Nikkah day/ barat or walima. Pure gold can be paired up with artificial jewellery and bangles and also 24 carat gold rings.

Let’s get into the details of a few masterpieces:

  1. Tikka
  2. Jhumkas
  3. Kangan
  4. Kundan Rings
  5. Necklaces
  6. Nose Rings
  7. Baali Earrings
  8. Matha Patti
  9. Anklets

Artificial Bridal Jewellery Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

1. Tikka:

The most elegant piece of the bridal look and A MUST to the look is a Tikka! Tikka is a headpiece that is generally worn on weddings to give a beautiful look to your face. Tikka’s are always available in any desired shape, size or colour or can also be customized as per your demand. Usually, big sized tikka’s look elegant on wider foreheads just as small sized tikka’s look perfect on a smaller forehead.

Tikka jewellery price in pakistan 2021
image source : desertcart

2. Jhumkas:

The another most worn jewellery in Pakistan are Jhumkas. They are also available in every shape, size and colour according to your desires. Jhumkas are made with utmost beautiful embellishments. Plus, no compromises on the materials. Jhumkas are A MUST for every wedding. Its like, your wedding look can not be completed without Jhumkas. They traditional and are known for their elegance and the beauty they give to THE WHOLE LOOK!

Jhumkas price in pakistan 2021 new design

3. Kangan:

Kangan also known as bangles usually comes in large sizes. They are beautifully produced by our jewellery experts with great effort that can be seen clearly. The best part is Kangans are not only worn by brides but also the guests too. Gold Kangans are often gifted to the bride. Many Kangans are seen beautifully made with zircons or rhinestones. People usually don’t worry about anything but wedding jewellery and kangans are not something to be missed on. Whether you are going for artificial kangans or gold ones, the beauty is going to be at its place!

kundan jewellery pakistan price 2021 online

4. Kundan Rings:

Rings are said to be the BEAUTY OF HANDS but kundan rings? They are a plus to the beauty! Kundan rings increasing demand is not only in Pakistan but in India too. People prefer kundan rings over simple rings now. Kundan rings are a light to every wedding jewellery. These rings have various different sizes, colour and shapes, price ranges from hundreds to thousands depends on what you are actually looking for. Kundan rings include the complex water bead style with same moulded stones fixed in them to make the ideal kundan rings.

Kundan Ring for Bride Price in Pakistan online

5. Necklaces:

Coming to another important piece of art that is NECKLACE! Necklaces are always produced with passion and attention as they are the MAIN piece of jewellery and a major partto a bridal’s final look. Bridal necklaces are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes all across Pakistan.Going from a huge choker style jewellery, enlivened by the Rajasthani culture to a superb Rajputi necklace, and even long pearl malaas, the options are endless!

Necklace for Bride Pakistan online Price New Design

6. Nose Rings:

No doubt, nose rings went out of fashion for a while but are now back with even greater demands. Nose ring demands are like a season, just for particular occasions not to be stay forever. Nose rings are worn by brides as well as guests. Whereas, heavy nose rings are worn by brides and simple, basic nose rings are worn by everyone. Not going to lie but nose rings are said to be a girl’s beauty! And we agree to that.

Wedding Nose Ring for bride in Pakistan with price

7. Baali Earrings:

Baali earrings are in a shape of extremely beautiful round earrings that comes in different shapes and sizes. They often have a hanging style design at the bottom, which makes them look considerably more appealing. These Baali earrings are more customary in style and are worn with equivalent love by the brides and the guests.

Baali Earrings Bride Pakistan with Price

8. Matha Patti:

Matha patti has now been very popular in Pakistan as these are the beauty of pakhtuns but now, not just pakhtuns wear them but every bride desire to wear these beautiful Matha Patti’s. These are like tikkas but they are more elegant in design and have more rhinestones and other embellishments. These gives the perfect look to a bride’s forehead or can be worn by guests too. These are also available in different styles, sizes and colours. Matha patti can worn on mehendi or barat.

Matha Patti Design for Bride in Pakistan with Price new design
image source via instagram

9. Anklets:

Girls love for anklets is something that can not be put into words. A simple yet elegant anklet also known as payal is loved by almost every woman. Anklets are a major part of bridal fashion in Pakistan and are cherished for their gleaming sound, in addition to delicate appearance. Anklets are customarily worn by brides, newlyweds and almost every woman all over Pakistan. They, as well, as other jewellery pieces come in a simple, elegant and lightweight variety or heavily decorated for anklet loving brides.

Anklets Design with Online Price in Pakistan 2021

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