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Artificial Jewellery Designs for Wedding in Pakistan 2021

Jewellery pieces are used as adornments for millennia and were used by the women of power before. These days, jewellery is a go-to adornment that every woman loves brandishing with their outfits. Much just as matching shoes and handbags, there is matching jewellery with each outfit, for instance, a more western look jewellery is worn with western outfits and desi traditional jewelry pieces are worn with desi eastern traditional attire.

Hiba Creations - Artificial Jewellery Designs for Wedding in Pakistan 2021

You can discover jewellery produced using an assortment of materials and the variety in Pakistan is significantly more, ranging from metals, valuable stones, Italian dough, beads, to even fabrics, the variety of jewellery in Pakistan are endless. The jewellery pieces in Pakistan are available from all around the globe, alongside proudly and elegantly made in Pakistan, these jewellery pieces are adored nationwide for their diverse color range and designs. If you are living in Pakistan and its top cities then you must be aware of the variations of these jewelry sets and of course the never-ending designs.

No doubt, there’s no other special day in a woman’s life than her own wedding. Wedding jewellery compliments the whole look of the bride and make her spark differently. There is no other country than Pakistan who produces the most elegant, unique and beautiful jewellery.

Here we have a list of the most elegant and different types of Fashion jewellery in Pakistan for wedding that you, without much of a stretch, can find everywhere and are adored by the Pakistani woman and brides.

Bridal Artificial Jewellery Necklace with Tikka in Pakistan 2021

Artificial gold and silver jewelry sets are very common in Pakistan and are worn by many. The set comes with beautiful traditional yet artificial earrings, traditional necklace and tikka with silver diamantes studded in them. As the set is artificial and too mainstream that’s why it can be bought without a worry of having less money.

In Pakistan, woman are mostly seen wearing this gold artificial set on their big day, mostly those who cant afford much but that’s okay, because In Pakistan you can buy such jewellery from ANYWHERE!

Artificial Traditional Flower Design Jewellery Set in Pakistan 2021

Thinking about something unique and absolutely elegant and BUEATIFUL on your big day?

No worries, This Artificial traditional flow design jewellery set will take your breath away! Comes with a flower shaped tikka, with hanging pearls and white embellishments, beautiful flower shaped tikka just as the tikka and two breathtaking necklaces, one can be worn high on the high and the other can be worn low. If you want to go heavy on your wedding then this set is PERFECT! And if you are pure Pakistani then you must have the adoration of traditional jewelry like this one.

Many women living in the top cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, are seen wearing this Artificial traditional flower design jewellery set. One thing we know is that Artificial jewelry In Pakistan is very reasonable so here, we don’t need talk and discuss about prices, right? Coming back to the flower shaped jewelry set, these can be made in different shapes too, OF YOUR CHOICE!

Artificial All-Gold Jewellery Set in Pakistan 2021

What us better than an Artificial ALL-GOLD jewelry set? If you are not really in mood to wear something heavy on your wedding and want to go for something that is light weight yet elegant then You must go for All-gold Malaas for your wedding.

Malaas are carrying the beauty of every woman from years now and they never go out of fashion. All-Gold Malaa set can bought separately or a complete set. The set includes A malaa or two, earrings and a tikka. You can buy this for yourself or can gift your friend who is a bride to be!

Artificial Pearl Jewellery Set in Pakistan 2021

We have read this every and have witnessed too that pearls are a bride’s or a woman’s best friend and what better bride is without wearing a whole pearl jewellery set?

Now we know that only pearl jewellery set will go too casual for a bride, so almost every jewellery shop has these beautiful heavy pearl jewelry sets with various beautiful embellishments studded in them. You can also add any color diamantes to the set however you like to give it an extra magic look.

Not to worry, even if you are going as a guest to a wedding these will perfectly steal the show. Pearls can be a bit expensive but artificial jewelry saves the day. You can easily stay in budget and buy these for yourself and for your sister too!

Heavy Trendy Artificial Jewellery Set in Pakistan 2021

Not to forget, that for a bride its all about looking extra than usual. While visiting various jewellery shops in Pakistan, you will come across variations of heavy trendy Artificial jewelry set. Trendy as in; Aesthetic + elegant, that will do both and still look heavy and extra in a beautiful way. These trendy Artificial sets comes with a big round shaped tikka with hanging embellishments and studded with diamantes, a heavy elegant necklace that can be worn high around the neck, beautiful earrings, that are traditional and a pearl jhoomar. No doubt, adding a jhoomar to your jewellery is the last and the most important touch to a bride’s look. These trendy Artificial sets can be a bit expensive.

Stone Artificial Jewellery Set in Pakistan 2021

What a bride without a traditional artificial stones’ jewelry set?

YES! jewellery sets that have stones studded in them looks so aesthetic for a wedding nowadays. Specially, women living in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, are a big fan of stones and would add stones literally to everything they wear. So, this stone artificial jewellery set that includes, a necklace studded with shiny stones, earrings and a tikka is all you need on your BIG DAY!

Above mentioned are all the artificial jewelry sets that are common these days and are easy to buy, now the next step is yours to choose which jewellery set you actually want for your big day!

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