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Bahubali Earrings Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

No doubt, among all the jewelry items, earrings irrefutably hold a unique spot in our souls which makes them an essential piece of our jewelry trunks. Be it chand balis, jhumkis, studs, danglers or hoops, we need all the types of earrings and we need cheap of them. Of all such statement baubles, the definite shot head-turners and essentially unignorable ones are the ‘Bahubali Earrings ‘ also called waterfall Earrings’ as alluded, locally.

Basically, these are your basic earrings attached to various bejeweled chains that should be pinned up to your head.

Hiba Creations - Bahubali Earrings Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Being an edgy and contemporary interpretation of traditional earrings, these are in actuality an unquestionable A MUST HAVE for every bride, bridesmaid, girly siblings and even the dear mommy. They can undoubtedly be paired up with a choker or simply a maang tikka and you wouldn’t be needing some other piece of jewelry to up your style game.

Bahubali earrings are popular in Pakistan 2021 and in other countries too. Also, the prices are too high, some can be friendly budget but if you prefer gold over artificial then it can cost you a little too much. The best part is, these earrings doesn’t come in limited designs but can be found in tons of different designs in every jewelry shops.

Let’s view a portion of these classy, elegant and super mod Bahubali earrings designs and styles, you would, without a doubt, fallfor!

Gorgeous Studded Bahubali Earrings with Pearl detailing and Chains

Starting with forever basic yet classiest studded Bahubali earrings with pearl detailing and chain that can never go out of fashion. These beauties will make your queeny dreams come true. Elegantly and attentively decorated with pearls, even the chains are decorated with small pearls and diamantes and are chunky from the bottom. There are 2-3 more patterns within the earring that completes the whole design! These Bahubali earrings are not expensive, price ranges from 1000-2000 but if you are not a fan of artificial jewelry and you prefer pure gold then it can be expensive.

Colored Bahubali Earrings with Gold and Green Hair Chain

To make your whole look offbeat, go with the colored Bahubali earrings. Pick one with darker shades of red, green and blue. Rather than the hair chain being a simple strand of gold, you can likewise add a chain of dark green beads to go with it. For this, you can either leave your hair open, make an elegant French bun or tie a knot. These colored Bahubali earrings look super elegant and classy. These classy Bahubali earrings are also not expensive. Their prices can move around a few thousand.

Sickle-shaped Bahubali Earrings with Pearl hair Chains

Pearls are women’s best friend and without an iota of doubt, women are a crazy fan of Bahubali earrings with pearl hair chains but if the earrings are sickle-shaped then IT’S A TREAT FOR THEM! If you are planning on doing a fishtail braid, thenit is necessary that your hair chain is not too extra. That way, it will overwhelm the magnificence of your braid. Rather shift all the focus on a bunch of earrings with hair chain where the earrings are experimental (hint: sickle-shaped) and the hair chains are made of something as insignificant as pearls. These beauties can be reasonable and expensive too, depending on the design you are looking for.

Jhumka Bahubali Earrings with flower and pearls

If you are a big fan of kundan jewelry, then you must go for Bahubali earrings surround with pearls and stones. Now, be very careful while picking chains as the first and the last string should be made of pearls and the middle one should be made of green small stones in flower shapes. Don’t worry, these are not hard to find, you can easily buy them from any jewelry shop in your area. Now, these might cost you a little more than you expected but don’t worry, these are still budget friendly.

Multi colored Bahubali Earrings with simple Gold chains

Add a pop of colors to your wedding jewelry with the set of multi colored Bahubali earrings with simple hair chain — the multi-colored earrings are the show stealer while the simple gold chains add on to its excellence.

Since you now, know well about the various types of earrings with hair chain, remember to add this elegance piece of jewelry to your wedding outfit. Before you get one of these, address your hairstylist and take in their suggestions! Apart from this, you may be wondering, how these beautiful multi colored Bahubali earrings will go well with your wedding outfit. These will look absolutely stunning with your mehendi or dholki outfits as these are the functions that demand COLOURS! Wondering how much they will cost you? Phew your worries away, because these are the most reasonable ones you will find anywhere.

Two-tier Jhumki Design with Multiple Small gota pusalu jhumkis hanging from a single chain

These are the most, I repeat THE MOST beautiful Bahubali earrings you will ever find. The chains carry multiple small gota pusalu jhumkis hanging and are the real show stealers. SO PRETTILY OFFBEAT! You can choose pearls or any other embellishments of your choice. The top is a round embellishment with diamantes in it, pearls are added to give a stunning look. As these are the heavy ones, so they can cost between 1000/RS-2000/RS or maybe more than that. But nobody can risk looking perfect right? So, add these beauties to your wedding jewelry right away!

So, aren’t these worth every penny? Let us know which style you like the most!

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