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Bracelet Designs with Price in Pakistan 2021

Hoping to rock some exceptional hand jewelry at your wedding? Hand jewelry for brides isn’t simply restricted to the same, old bangles, cocktail rings and too mainstream bracelets any longer – there are loads of ethereal new styles out there for Insta-worthy bridal hand shots! While selecting earing’s or a necklace for your big day – or deciding not to wear any whatsoever ­–a bride needs to remember that A BRACELET IS A MUST HAVE jewelry for her wedding.

Hiba Creations - Bracelet Designs with Price in Pakistan 2021

However, the right bracelet will make your outfit more beautiful and elegant and oh yeah! Guests will definitely fall in love with your whole look. Many will decide to wear a matching jewelry set for their pre-marriage ceremony, but a bracelet is far enough away from your other pieces that it’s not difficult to pull off a different sparkler for your wrist.

Regardless of whether you’re going for a subtle or garish look, there makes certain to be a possibility for you. A bracelet can be a small piece of gems but its importance Is as of the whole outfit, its elegance and charm are equal to a bride’s outfit.


No doubt! A bride’s charm will be incomplete without a bracelet.

To help you choose what the best look is for your function, we’ve assembled a portion of our #1 pieces:

Multiple Pearl Strand Bracelet:

Pearls are a bride’s or a woman’s best friend. These multiple pearl strand bracelets are all you need to complete your whole look. These wedding bracelets are outstanding amongst other wedding bracelets on our rundown, and these are also very affordable, which means you won’t need to stress over breaking the bank. It flaunts a sweet and romantic design with clear and top-notch quality. Every one of the pearls on this bracelet has been created richly, thus the ideal use of this bracelet as a wedding bracelet. On top of the elegant design, the other reason behind why this bracelet stands out is that the pearls are divided into 3-4 strands attached with diamantes embellishments. This bracelet is perfect for a bride desiring a vintage look.

Crystal Rhinestone Silver Cuff Bracelet:

No doubt arises, this bracelet is the most elegant one of all but besides being elegant and pretty, this bracelet is made to be worn by bridesmaids as well as other guests. You may also like the single narrow chain of crystal rhinestones all throughout the length of bracelet. It is a elegant, humble bangle cuff bracelet that is jazzy, AFFORDABLE, and simply ravishing. These rhinestone cuff bracelets can cost you 900/RS to 1500/RS only.

Cubic Zirconia Bridal Bracelet:

If you are searching for something that is ravishing, affordable, stylish and that will go with any outfit then cubic zirconia bridal bracelets designed in leaf shapes are going to be your forever friend. Designed with marquise-set crystal rhinestones in leaf shapes, this is among the most delightful wedding, prom, or any other function’s bracelet for you on the off chance that you are searching for something shimmering to commend your big day. It has a huge load of CZ stones, and you may also like the adjustable design that can fit any wrist size. These are affordable too! If you want your night to be the shiniest of all then don’t forget to buy this for yourself!

Round Diamantes and Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

This is a dazzling piece of tennis bracelet that comes with appealing simulated blue sapphire stones interweaved with round white cubic zirconia stones all running through the length of the bracelet. The good news is ITS AFFORDABLE. Its design is absolutely entrancing, yet additionally delicate and refined to coordinate the modern lady’s sleek yet modern style. It’s versatile as well, and you can wear it as an accomplice to stand out any event, with any troupe.


Flower Teardrop Crystal Bracelet

Apart from being adjustable, flower teardrop crystal bracelets are exquisitely designed with great quality authentic solver and tear CZ stones, including AAA+ gems, just as rhinestone trims. These make the bracelet to sparkle with such beauty and elegance. It’s protected on the skin as it is liberated from lead, nickel, and mercury, and it’s additionally hypoallergenic. You may likewise like the special design of the bracelet that allow you to wear it nonchalantly with formal clothing or your wedding dress.

Rode Gold Wedding Bracelet

For a decent, rose-gold finish bracelet made with the best quality triple A CZ stones, you should try out this tennis bracelet. The rose-gold and the CZ stones give this bracelet an unending sparkle and furthermore sturdiness. The base metal used is brass, which is lightweight. The rose gold finish secures the skin and enhances the presence of this bracelet. Rose gold has been very popular among brides as rose is what they have always dreamt of. Rose gold bracelets can be a bit expensive but HEY! Not too much.


These bracelets are the prettiest, fanciest and the stylish ones you will ever find! If you are a bride to be, then you must go shopping RIGHT AWAY and start looking for these beauties. You can thank us later!

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