Brides Prefer Artificial Jewellery On Their Big Days

Due to changing socioeconomic trends, the traditional gold jewellery was not priority of Pakistani brides for their big days anymore as imitation jewellery has become more attractive and affordable.

With the increasing gold rates in national and international market, lightweight artificial jewellery with low prices has compelled jewellery lovers to go for imitating piece of jewellery instead of buying high priced gold set for wedding functions.

With the imminent wedding season, jewellery-loving women have thronged the markets for purchasing imitation jewellery because two to three jewellery sets can be bought in the price of one gold ring or pendant.

The markets in the Federal capital including G-10 Markaz, F-7 Markaz, Super Market and Abpara Market were famous among women for cosmetics and jewellery shops where they keep scouring shops for hours in search of their favourite designs including cheap bridal sets.

Aleena, who recently had her big day where she wore artificial jewellery instead of a traditional gold set, said she preferred imitation because it had more variety in designs and was being sold on cheaper rates.


“When I decided to buy my bridal set, the variety of designs was the most important thing. I asked my jeweler to make me a set on order but it was rather expensive so I bought a simple artificial pendant set in economical price for my wedding day”, she said.

She said a real set made of gold would cost a minimum Rs200,000 while an artificial one that looks exactly like a gold one can be bought for only Rs4,000 to Rs5,000.

A�whole seller of artificial jewellery, Naveed Ali in Abpara Market, said that gold jewellery was only famous in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Gulf countries while women in America, Europe and China preferred light weighed artificial jewellery.

Commenting on the hike in jewellery prices, he held the rise in Dollar exchange rates responsible and said that most of the jewellery was imported while the payments were made in equivalent to dollar amounts.

He said brides would still be on the hunt for an intricately made gold and diamond jewellery set, which includes earrings and a necklace, however, now the less essential items, such as a tikka, ring or jhoomar for a bride have been replaced with artificial jewellery.

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