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Build a Jewelry Collection of Your Taste


Jewelry has always been a fascinating charm, especially for women. And, the real art is how to collect aesthetically beautiful pieces – without going broke. This usually happens if you solely focus on getting vintage costume jewelry and antique pieces of precious gems.

Here’s the tips to build a valuable collection.

Determine the best way for antique jewelry acquisition:
Firstly, remember that there is no right or wrong way to acquire old jewelry. It’s always about the genre you want to collect. You can build an antique collection segregated by color, period and theme.

Theme-based collection is an incredible approach. Find the best items considering style, period or era and genre. Styles usually vary with the period – making it clearly different from the period. Style is a mere collection of motifs for a specific period, and not an only thing happening during that time span.

Specific styles can be associated to a particular period, but only in terms of what you purchase.

Whatever you pick for your collection, keep a discerning eye on quality, class and value.

Buy Through Dealers or From Antique Jewelry Store:
Again, it all depends on your preference, how much you can invest in and how much you want to do yourself. It’s better to find a dealer with a solid reputation. Such people have a long history in this business and renowned in the market for their antique jewelry dealings. And, generally they know what you expect them to have knowledge about.

However, the biggest possible issue you may face is that often dealers try to make the buyers believe whatever they told them – if not a credible source of antique then they might not know anything about that piece but charge you higher.

Remember, not necessarily, the seller knows about it just because he’s selling it and this will result in misnomers and hearsay, and it’s just foolish to accept the information as true. So, know who’s reliable even if you buy jewelry online.

Is It Better to Buy Antique Jewelry at Auction?
Antique jewelry collectors are highly advisable to buy from major auctions since they are famous for having really amazing pieces of great worth. You can get wonderful items there, but purchasing auctioned things have their own pros and cons. You may not get the best deal because of the high demand and competition.

The situation becomes tricky when you are competing against dealers because they can mark the piece up. Other collectors could do the same – causing you to lose the bid. You may also have to forego a high-demand piece even if available in the sale.

So, better visit a middle market area or some reliable online auction store where you can get really good and affordable antique pieces from whatever period you want. They might not have the highest monetary value, but tend to have more value considering old items to be part of your jewelry collection.

In brief, as a jewelry collector, you must know things yourself and handle the stuff firsthand. It means you should have a great study about everything related to what you buy and add to your collection. You should handle all types of jewelry and for fashion jewelry even if you don’t consider it to be your collection thing you can have the best pieces for different occasions from LUXIOUS JEWELLERY.

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