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Choker Necklace Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

With regards to traditional style, no Pakistani bride or woman can deny any norm to look wonderful and elegant. Everywoman searches for the ideal dress for each occasion and the exquisite jewelry with each dress. While living in Pakistan and its top cities, every woman searches for something traditional. Prior to any occasion,

Hiba Creations - Choker Necklace Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Pakistani women convert her focus of everything to her looks through elegant and appealing jewelry. The jewelry which defines her status and creative mind. Jewelry is something that can’t be compromised onany occasion that improves her appearance, yet in addition her elegance. The jewelry can be made of different stones, gold, silver, diamonds, ruby, kundan or emerald studded pieces. Every woman has her own taste and choice, so she needs to look awesome and staggering on every occasion. There are many jewelry pieces each Pakistani woman wears to make the looks seriously shocking.


From Mattha Patti to Choker, each thing makes the whole appearance astounding and elegant. Apart from this, Chokers are the most elegant and exceptional jewelry pieces that a woman must have.

If we look deep into the top cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, women living here wear chokers everyday with every outfit. Chokers are not limited to only one design but there are tons of different types of chokers that a Pakistani woman must buy and wear! And coming to the prices, chokers carry very affordable prices and that are pocket friendly!

You can easily buy tons of these and can never get enough of them!

Thus, let’s not wait and go through the different types chokers every traditional Pakistani woman must wear!


Black Strap Chokers

If we look back in the 90’s, the trend of wearing simple black or zigzag straps around your neck, fingers and arms was really a thing. Guess what? The trend is back again! YES, the trend of wearing something elegantly chic high on the neck is back and this time, it brings various variations to choose from. Gone are the days when wearing simply a rubber choker was the hip thing. The most common thing that is seen these days around the top cities are these black strap chokers. From Lollywood celebrities to our stylish Pakistani women, everyone is giving a chic vibe with this plain black strap chokers around their neck. These chokers are so affordable that you won’t need to worry about spending away your whole bank! Prices vary between 200-300 Rs only.


Gold Metal Chokers

Without a doubt, gold jewelry looks so aesthetic and enhances the beauty of a wearer. These are kinda personal favs of almost every woman. Whether you are going for casual desi or western dresses or wedding attire, these will do justice to your whole look, both ways! Women living in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are a big fan of Gold metal chokers and not just this, but our celebrities also love wearing these. Ayesha Omar was spotted wearing this beautiful and elegant gold metal choker in a wonderful eastern manner and no doubt she did justice to the beautiful gold metal choker. Whereas, Urwa Hussain was spotted wearing Gold metal choker studded with pearls and stones and having the embellishment of golden color. Just like them, you can style them up too. Coming in a various variation, these gold chokers look elegantly amazing. If you are true Pakistani, then these beauties are a must addition to your jewlery collection. These gold metal chokers can be a bit expensive but just A BIT! Their prices depend on the design you buy. One piece can be of 700/RS to 1000/RS.


Kundan Chokers

You say Pakistani and we hear Kundan jewelry! Yes, truth be told, if you are a Pakistani and never wear traditional kundan jewelry then you must be on a wrong track. Kundan chokers are something that are a must have and exceptionally elegant and coming to our stylish women living in the top cities of Pakistan, these kundan chokers are their DAYSAVER! Just like gold metal chokers, you can wear these kundan chokers with any outfit, whether you wearing a western outfit or an eastern. The incredibly lovely Imaan Ali flaunt the ramps of the recent Fashion Bridal Couture week in this kundan choker that can be wore high on the neck in the forthcoming shaadi season. Kundan chokers have been in the bridal fashion from years and let’s say, this year it got more spotlight than any other time!Then again, the lighter kundan chokers are another amazing addition to this trend. As kundan chokers come in various designs so the heavy ones can be expensive. Prices can vary between 2000/RS TO 3000/RS.


Ajrak Chokers

There’s nothing better than adding a desi touch to fashion trends and nothing shows elegancethan adding our cultural heritages to it. As, worn by well-known Pakistani bloggers Humna Raza and Noor Unnahar, the Ajrak chokers add an ideal touch of Pakistani culture to this worldwide winning fashion. Ajrak chokers give an extra elegant look to your western or eastern attire or whether your attire is casual or heavy, these chokers will steal the show anyways. Now coming to our desi yet stylish women living in the top cities, ajrak chokers are worn by everyone! These are unique, stylish, elegant and your go to jewelry! Ajrak chokers are very pocket-friendly. The prices can vary between 300/RS TO 400/RS.

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