Coin Jewellery – Most Trending South Indian Jewellery

The use of metal coins to design jewellery goes a quit back in history. The coin jewellery is popular since 19th century which features different intricate motif work on coins. We can found variety of coin jewellery in different countries according to their trends and changing style. In western countries mostly silver oxide coin jewellery is used to club with casual apparel but in India golden finish coin jewellery used.

Let’s move towards the Indian coin jewellery,

India is the country which is known for its varied tradition and cultural heritage. In jewellery too we find a variety from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.  In South India coin jewellery has great importance and is seen in every South woman’s accessory collection.  It is also known as temple jewellery as it features intricate carving of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha on coins.

Now a day’s South Indian jewellery is choice of every Indian woman and has a great demand in online store.  You can find a huge range of temple coin jewellery in imitation too as it comparatively less expensive than gold.

Here is the different coin jewellery which you can adorn with your traditional saree:

Temple Coin Jhumkis:

Jhumkis are traditional form of earrings mostly seen in every part of India. But in southern states of India we can see coin jhumkis with intricate carving of Goddess Laxmi and with colour droplets which give a trendy look to jhumkis.

Coin Necklace:

Necklace is must have ornament in every women’s accessory collection and there is variations in type of necklaces.  In South India apart from gold traditional necklace, coin necklace also have much more demand and add extra elegance to one’s appearance.

Coin Bangles & Bracelets:

Bangles helps to complete the traditional look, the coin designed bangles along with stones are best pick to team with golden border cotton saree. Coin pattern South-Indian bangles are evergreen jewellery ornament to club with traditional jewellery.

Coin Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is must have ornament for married women; in Southern states of India coin mangalsutra have great importance.  The coin pendant is attached to black beaded mangalsutra chain.

Coin Waist Chain:

Now a days, coin pattern waist chains have much more demand in markets. Traditional coin pattern waist chain feature detail intricate carving design and is best to team with ethnic costumes.  Even western costume suitable waist chain is available in markets.  Usually western consumes waist belly chain is seen in silver finish and coins of this belly chain feature ancient carving design.

Coin Anklets:

Mostly we have seen the silver finish anklets in traditional design but now coin pattern anklets are also available in market.  Coin pattern anklets are best pick for modern women of today to team with western apparel.

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