Create Best Jewellery Box Ever!

We are halfway through achieving your best jewellery box ever! The first half of my tips had you sorting, selling, rethinking what you ALREADY have. The next tips will help for future purchases.

Just like a classic red lipstick, your signature shade of nail polish, and a little black dress — classic essentials for your jewelry box are necessary. Here are pieces I suggest investing in and putting on your wish list if you don’t already have them:

1) pair of hoop earrings
2) studs in your favorite gemstone
3) a chain you can wear pendants on
4) a watch
5) diamond band
6) a cool pinky ring
7) statement earrings
8) wide band
9) signature bracelet
10) unique right-hand ring




From simple solders to elaborate redesigns, having a jeweller you trust and is easy to work with is a must-have for any jewellery lover. I suggest finding someone local so you don’t have to ship things and can explain instructions in person. Even better if you can find someone who specializes in antique jewelry, who knows not to polish something that has a beautiful patina, without having to tell them that a million times.

If you don’t have a jeweler, you can try local jewelry shops by testing out “easy” repairs and build a rapport that way



Create the best possible storage solution for your jewelry

The most important part of this tip is knowing the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.” Make sure all your jewellery is VISIBLE. I’m not a fan of armoires with tiny drawers.

I’ll put some links in my Story today where you can find these “jewelry cabinets” which I’ve found to be the best kind of storage. Just note that I’ve done some remodeling to mine (ripped out necklace racks to put more ring space) and I’ve done a blog about this specifically, which I’ll link as well.