Dazzle and Shine: 3 Fancy Earrings Designs You’ve Got To Own, this 2019!

Let’s say, you are getting ready to attend a grand occasion and hence, are doing a “brief” makeup in front of the mirror. You are almost done- your outfit looks gorgeous, makeup is good and the necklace is just excellent! But, but, but….. at this point, you may observe that somehow something is not right and your inner voice whispers- “Kuch toh missing hain”. That is when you realize that you’ve forgotten to wear your dazzling earrings! That’s the importance of beautifully designed earrings- they complete your look. Wear them and you are ready to set the world on fire!

But, there are thousands of earrings designs out there, which are the ones you should definitely own? Well….here are 4 fancy and beautiful earring designs you’ve got to own, immediately!

1. Chandelier Earrings

Let’s talk about chandelier earrings- if there is one word which we have to use to describe it, its ‘elegant’. In fact, your collection of jewellery is incomplete without such dazzling and gorgeous looking chandelier earrings.

These fancy Diamond earrings are sexy and very much in trend which makes you party-ready in seconds! The bold and beautiful designs are enough to make you a show stealer. These earrings are long and have various tiers of gems, crystals, beads, etc.. and when paired with a casual attire, they add a touch of sophistication to your look. For a classy look, you can ditch your heavy necklace and wear just these earrings. For special occasions like weddings or Sangeet ceremonies, nothing can look more alluring than wearing chandelier earrings. Whether you have opted for a strapless attire or v-line necklines, these chandelier earrings go well with them making it the right choice for bridal accessories.

diamond earrings

  [Chandelier Earrings for Women from Anuradha Art’s collection]

2. Danglers Earrings

When talking about fancy earrings, how one can forget about stunning danglers, right? Fashion lovers will never say NO to beautiful dangler earrings as they are never out of trend. Ladies mostly prefer wearing these danglers as they are ruling the industry now. Celebrities, fashion designers, beauty pageant ramps- danglers are ruling everywhere!

Be it an office meeting wherein you are wearing a formal skirt or getting ready for a party wearing an evening gown- silver danglers simple add the much needed Zing to your appearance. Complete your accessory collection with both small and long danglers. These attractive pieces are no less than head turners. The latest dangler trend is that of Korean Dangler earrings. They are affordable, extremely chic and stylish, and can be paired both casually and formally. You’ve got to own one of these!

korean earrings

[Korean Danglers Earrings for Women from Anuradha Art’s collection]

3. Chandbali Earrings

Chandbalis, as the name symbolizes, have an Indian origin. They originally hail from the city of Hyderabad and the word “Chandbali” literally comes from the crescent shape of the ‘chaand’ or moon. This explains a lot about it design which is semi-circular. Every inch of their design will remind you of our Indian culture and tradition. With great colour combinations, these earrings are generally crafted with small pearls at the bottom. You just won’t be able to decide which one to buy and which one to leave!

Even the B-Town beauties are seen wearing these Chandbali Earrings in Hindi movies and even on red carpets. Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor specially prefer these eccentric earrings for their traditional or Saree looks! They even make your engagement and wedding occasions special by going well with heavy to medium heavy outfits.

chand bali earrings online

    [Chandbali Earrings for Women from Anuradha Art’s Collection]

chandbali earrings

[Deepika Padukone wearing Latest Chandbali earrings for promotion of ‘Padmaavat’]

Earrings have and always will rule the world of Accessories. Trends keep changing every month, and you’ve got to keep yourself updated about them! Go and get these 3 fancy earrings designs to complete your collection!

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