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Earrings for Unpierced Ears

We know it bothers if ears are unpierced. Somehow, we can’t enjoy our favorite earrings. Wearing a matching necklace, bracelet and rings are fine, but still your look is incomplete.

Is there something you could do?

Well, a bunch of possibilities awaits you! In order to know them you have to read this document till the end. Yes, you can wear earrings without pierced ears. Doesn’t it sound great? We will suggest you some earrings hereby. Just go to the market and explore the new earrings designs. From now onwards, your earlobes will not be naked anymore.

  1.                 Magnetic Earrings

Magnetic earrings have become renowned for quite some time. These earrings for girls work like magic. If you hesitate from ear piercing then don’t worry at all. Since, pain gets you distracted from your tasks and the healing process takes time too. In that case magnetic earrings in a variety of incredible designs and styles are your solution.

Magnetic earrings, as the name implies, stick with your earlobe with a little pressure. From both sides, your earlobes get covered. There will not be any sort of irritation and discomfort. They get fit to your ears seamlessly and hence there is no doubt of losing them.

Some Trendy Designs of Magnetic Earrings

  1.     Spikes Rivet Studs

These earrings are circular in shape and have spikes outwards. Its strong magnet fits perfectly well on the earlobe and leaves negligible chances of missing them.

  1.     Assorted Magnetic Earrings

Assorted magnetic earrings look like buttons and are available in various colors. If you carry stud earrings at the workplace, then this should be your choice.

  1.     Magnetic Gauge Earrings

If you have sensitive skin, then go for these earrings.

  1.     Butterfly Earrings

Magnetic earrings available in mesmerizing hue and designs are your favorite pick for any event.

Advantages of Magnetic Earrings

  1.     Minimal possibility of infection
  2.     Convenient to carry
  3.     No piercing required
  4.     No hassle of pain and itching
  5.           Clip-on Earrings

Apart from magnetic earrings, there are clip-on earrings for non-pierced ears. As the name indicates, these earrings have a clip which attaches with your ears easily. Like magnetic earrings, these earrings are also safe to wear without any redness and uneasiness. Moreover, be worry free because you will not find any marks of these earrings on your earlobe.

Some Trendy Designs of Clip-on Earrings

  1.     Mini Clip Earrings

If you are having small earlobes then mini-clip earrings are for you.

  1.     Hinge Clip-on Earrings

These earrings have a small clip on the back, which gets fastened with the ear. It is easy to wear.

  1.     Paddle Back Clip-on Earrings

These earrings attach through a paddle clip which has a spring bar on its hinge. These are pocket friendly and convenient to wear.

Advantages of Clip-on Earrings

  1.     Too comfortable to wear.
  2.  They don’t cause any sort of pain.
  3.     Quite appropriate for sensitive ears
  4.     Kids can also wear clip-on earrings

Final Thought

If your ears are unpierced then move to a well-known best online jewelry shop or a local store and find magnetic and clip-on earrings. Your life will be easy!

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