Earrings – Pierce it, flaunt it

Possibly the most common and most popular form of jewelry and self adornment; earrings are objects attached to the ear by piercing through the cartilage of ears. Both men and women don earrings, and have done so for as long as body piercing has come into existence. Earrings can be worn anywhere along the ear where there is a piercing, however, most earrings are fixed to the earlobes.


Earrings were possibly invented to adorn the ear piercings. Body modifications in the earliest forms comprised mostly of piercings, especially ears, and history provides us with references dating back to the ancient civilizations. Cave illustrations and carved images of early cultures display men and women wearing earrings. The ancient pharaohs had ear piercings although it is largely believed that only women of the time wore earrings. Earrings have long been a fashion accessory and with the advent of metallurgy, they became more revered. Earrings are associated with various cultural practices and religious events.
Today ear piercing is a common and accepted practice, and usually the only easily accepted form of body modification. Multiple ear piercings are also common among various cultures in the world. Department stores and high end fashion brands are all deeply invested in the manufacture and designing of earrings, keeping up with the latest trends and associable cultural phenomena.


Each type of ear piercing calls for a different kind of earring. Some of the common types of earrings available in the market today include Stud earrings; small, solid, single piece of embellishment that is held to the earlobe through a thin, long post, hoop earrings; as the name suggests, are circular or semi-circular metallic or plastic ring designs, dangle earrings; that extend below the earlobes and dangle in the air by thin wires. The new fads in earrings are the huggy earrings that seem to hug your ear lobes, slave earrings made popular by Star Trek, ear threads and of course, the immensely popular spikes.

Pop Culture

Earrings can easily be a small and insignificant fashion accessory, or it can be a robust fashion statement that doesn’t require anything else from an outfit to make it on the red carpet. The different shapes, sizes and designs of earrings make them a perfect jewelry component for any and every occasion. With the latest pop culture influences to design these ear adornments, designers have plenty of inspiration to draw from rock bands, cute animals and religious texts. Clip ons have also become popular for multiple ear accessories without the painful piercing procedures a person has to undergo first.


All men might not, but almost all women have ear piercings, and hence a collection of earrings to go with the right attire and event.

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