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Effect of Salt Water on Jewelry Types


Jewelry maintenance is a hard fact which one should be aware of. Obviously, when you invest in your jewelry, you should also know the precautions to sustain it for a long time. No matter if it is fashion jewelry or fine jewelry, you must know the essentials to protect your jewelry. Through this article, you would figure out how destructive saltwater could be for your jewelry.

Yes, you heard right! It is saltwater which could diminish the luster of your valuable jewelry pieces. Want to know more, read further.

  1. Gold Jewelry

Gold is a durable material which is known & preferred for its uniqueness. But salt and chlorine are the two factors which are obtrusive to this metal as well. So, you need to be cautious when wearing necklace sets or rings while swimming and other areas around salty water. To harden the gold, copper is used and salt is reactive to gold. It usually takes off the gold layer from the jewelry whereby affecting its appearance and metallic layer.

  1. Silver Jewelry

What is so attractive about silver? It has a fine sparkle which makes anyone long for it. What if your exquisite silver jewelry makes contact with saline water? Surely, it will get tarnished. The reaction caused by salt, water, and oxygen is adverse. Your jewelry item will look old and cheap due to corrosion.

  1. Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel is a hard material as compared to gold and silver. It is quite resistant to environmental conditions. Though saltwater will create an effect, but not as strong as it is on gold and silver. It is because of the chrome layer covering the stainless steel. Getting to know the reality doesn’t pertain to the fact that you are free from its care routine.

  1. Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is a precious stone but this is also not safe from saltwater effects. It steals the gleam of this luscious stone & makes the facets stained. Keep away your diamond jewelry from salty water at maximum. If not, then devise a jewelry cleaning routine.

  1. Leather Jewelry

Talking about leather jewelry, you should be careful to not let it contact with salt water too. Yes, it is like that. Salty water is harmful for your leather jewelry. What happens is it dries up the oil in the leather, weakening the fibres which result in damage.

  1. Brass Jewelry

After gold, brass is known for its golden hue and lively shine. Exposure to oxygen is not as damaging to this metal as saline water. You might have heard that brass is often cleaned with lemon juice, but instead of this jewelry cleaning solution should be used.

  1. Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is one of the powerful materials which stand well in the state of the environment. This advantage can also be seen in the case of getting in contact with salt water. Yes, saltwater creates a minimum effect on it, but as always advised precaution is better.

Finally, don’t take away your jewelry’s worth by letting it into contact with salt water.

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