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Fashion Jewelry – How to Make a Perfect-Fit with your Outfits


Jewelry selection and purchase is one thing, and what actually takes on your efforts is pairing it up correctly with your outfits. Whatever you put on must complement your personality and the occasion to celebrate or event to attend.

Want to transform your style statement? You need your fashion jewelry perfectly aligned with your dresses. Considering the finishing touch of your desired attire’s details, your ornaments should be the reflection of your personality to make you look more amazing.

Well, people have their own tastes and preferences, but we have a few top tips that will help you style your fashion accessories put together effortlessly with every outfit.

Your Everyday Jewelry:
Everyone has some pieces with sentimental value such as family heirlooms, a delicate necklace from a beloved and an engagement or wedding ring, etc. You would definitely love to wear them day and night. Normally created out of precious metals, these items not only enhance your personal style, but suit every dress you wear.

All you need to care about is to affirm that these pieces complement your skin tone. Rose gold and silver, and platinum jewelry are a perfect fit for skins with cooler undertones, while pure gold looks great on skins with warmer undertones.

Special-Event Jewelry:
Now you can call it occasionally used fashion accessories because you can wear them on specific occasions – on weddings or some special celebration. So, make sure your jewelry should not clash with your clothing material or sleeves and neckline. Dress up with a high neckline and for a more perfect look chandelier earring or a pair of sparkling gemstones with a matching wrist watch or bracelet will be a great pick.

Vintage or antique earrings will give you a complete, subtle appearance. Choker set accompanied by minimal rings and bracelets is another amazing choice for longer necklines for any special event.

Your Workplace Jewelry:
Well, preferably small stud earrings or hoop earrings are the right pick for a subtle look at work. Too heavy or noisy jewelry isn’t meant for a professional place because it may cause disruption to you and your colleagues. For instance, wearing loud anklets or a stack of bracelets is off-putting and can distract anybody from their work. So, instead of such disturbing pieces, you better opt for simple and delicate rings, earrings and pendants – stick to elegant, classy jewelry.

In creative workplaces like marketing the agency, you can keep experimenting with stacking your rings or bracelets and trying a layered necklace with a loose T-shirt and jeans or an oversized shirt.

Season-Focused Jewelry:
Summer can be a perfect time to be playful with your jewelry collection. You can easily pair up your accessories with your summer wardrobe. In the colder weather, the choice may get limited because you will be wearing jackets, knitwear, etc., to stay warm. So, your stand out necklace over your favorite high neck will give your look a focal point.

This is the time to experiment with lots of unique necklaces with different chain styles and length. Always use minimal jewelry with busy prints and ruffles.

Let your outfits do the talking by coupling them with the right jewelry.

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