Find Your Style from These Trending Rani Haar Designs

Worthy of your attention and love, we’ve got some of the best Rani Haars that are trending in the world of jewellery. These are for the brides, bridesmaids, bride’s mother, sisters, friends, and all the other female friends who will definitely be left smitten by all the rani haar designs listed here. The variety is such that even the leading ladies of Bollywood and other famous women from different segments of life have worn such designs of rani haar on their own weddings and other important events.

The Long Necklace in Pearl-

This kind of Rani Haar is designed as a long chain of pearls, which means this one is particularly a long pearl necklace that has many strings of it. It is one of the most popular designs in the North of India and women of all ages wear these on diverse events. This Rani Haar is coupled with a choker necklace to make the entire look very elegant and luxurious. Remember Deepika Padukone’s Rani Haar design for her own reception party?

Rani haar Design
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Gold is never Old!-

There cannot be the reference of Gold Rani Haar missed because it is an evergreen trend and a style that suits all. Pearls, precious stones, are definitely breathtaking to look at but the simplicity of gold is classic. Gold jewellery looks exquisite, very traditional and completely Indian in its essence. There are many celebrity jewellery designers who have often showcased the trendiest all-gold rani haars on several ramp shows.

Gold Jewellery
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Five strings or layers make this Panchlada Rani Haar, fit for every queen. The more intricate carvings and embellishments on the haar, the more interesting and valuable it becomes.

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Lucky Seven, Satlada-

A layered pattern just like a Panchlada Rani Haar, this one has seven layers as one long necklace. The material to create this particular Rani Haar is lighter than that of the five-stringed one. A pre-wedding event perhaps is the best time to show-off your own Satlada and mesmerise everyone around with your own and the necklace’s beauty. Famous socialite and businesswoman, Natasha Poonawala rocked a Satlada Rani Haar at a huge traditional event lately!

long necklace
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Kundan for more contemporary taste-

Kundan looks stunning in any kind of jewellery. Imagine a Kundan Rani Haar in all its glory! Kundan Jewellery is trending style of Rani Haar amongst the more modern-day bride and women. The different styles of Kundan Rani Haars such as short layered or long layered and only Kundan or Kundan and other precious stones embellished Rani Haars make for some amazing options for all the jewellery lovers.

kundan jewellery
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Diamonds & Multicoloured Stones Rani Haar-

Priyanka Chopra’s dreamy traditional wedding look in red attire is an unforgettable one! And more so was the diamond Rani Haar which she wore to accentuate her beauty in that complete look. No doubt that diamonds remain to be the most opted and the trendiest style of Rani Haar women pick for their weddings and some even couple diamonds with some lavish-looking coloured gemstones in the necklace. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

diamond & multicoloured Stones Rani Haar

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