Forever Shopping Guidelines To Buy Perfect Engagement Ring

There is a lot of emotions and excitement bundled up to buy perfect engagement ring in all that leads upto a commitment whether Engagement or wedding. Engagement is a formal promise or contract to someone. Exchange of Rings delineate symbolic acceptance ,dedication and commitment. It gives a sense of safety to future relationships .So engagement like marriage is a global phenomenon , but the rituals and preparations around it vary greatly by regions, culture and era.

There is special exhilaration behind every ring. Choosing an ideal and sublime ring adds more story to proposal. So here are some
basic guidelines that would help choosing engagement rings for loved ones.

1- Selection of Jeweller

This is the crucial point as this would guide you through the whole process of grabbing the right ring. Beautiful and variety of rings would make your task easier as you can select according to flavor. You can go to your local jeweller or find any well reputed online jewellery store to check the beautiful ring designs.

2- Budget

Buying an engagement ring can be a stressful experience as you have often heard that you have to spend two or three months of your salary on engagement rings. But to make this task budget friendly I would recommend you first fix your budget according to your financial status. Then you can easily find out a best quality engagement ring within your budget.

3- Size

Size is required when you have a perfect engagement ring for your future partner. You can have her size by secretly choosing any random ring from her jewellery box. Well if this is not possible there is option for readjusting the size of rings. Size of fingers is according to shape.

4- Hand Shape

Some factors must be considered while choosing like length and width of your finger. Ring according to your unique hand and finger characteristics would enhance your personality. Here are some tips for different Types of fingers:

  • Long fingers: Princess-cut and round shapes are especially flattering. You can opt for bold designs but only if it suits.
  • Slender fingers: You can use smaller stones as they will make thin fingers somewhat wider.
  • Small hands: Oval, heart shaped, round or princess-cut will suit.
  • Large hands: For this type of hand you can easily go for bulky, chunky styles.

5- Style

To choose ring according to your partners personality might be a test of how closely you know your partner. You must took your loved individual style into consideration while choosing. For this purpose approach people closet to your fiance to be. You can also guess through her clothing and other accessories to gain insight. For understanding, if her style is sharp, try a platinum beavered ring. If she likes floral designs you can go for ornate halo engagement rings. Other styles to name are classic, modern, nature-inspired,
glamorous, pave diamond halos or combination of these stunning designs.

6- Material

Metal or diamond each have its own attraction and beauty. For diamond you must know 4Cs that are color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

  • Color: Diamonds are available in many colors from D to Z( colorless to light)
  • Cut: A good cut can elevate the sparkle of diamond called its brilliance. A poor cut can make a spectacular diamond look dull despite its good color and clarity.
  • Clarity: Diamonds that are free from impurities or inclusions are rare. Diamond is flawless when there is no inclusion visible to unaided eye.
  • Carat weight: Cost and value of diamonds increases exponentially with increasing carat weight. By adjusting all these factors you can easily make a diamond ring of excellent quality.

In metal you have options of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, cobalt, tantalum etc.

7- Ring Settings

  • Prong setting/ SOLITAIRE: This is most widely used design across the world. It consisted a center cornerstone held by metal prongs or they can be called as metal pins. Stones like rubies or diamond fixed in center gave the most iconic style for engagement.
  • Halo setting: This is also very popular design for engagement rings. A central stone is embedded and circled by small stones or gemstones. It is an ideal design for sapphires and rubies. This style enhances the brilliance of central diamond or stone. You opt for different colors for contrast according to the dress.
  • Cathedral setting: The central stone is mounted above to give it more peculiar appearance. Its looks stunning.
  • Bezel setting: This is mostly used by professionals . A strip of metal held tightly a row of stones. It has two types which are known as full bezel setting and partial bezel setting.
  • Tension setting and cluster setting are very graceful and elegant designs. Pave setting, flush setting and channel setting are also used. For diamonds waverly diamond ring, petite twisted vine diamond ring ballad diamond ring are the options.

8- Stones and Sapphires

Sapphires are budget friendly as they are less costly than diamonds. Different colors are available yellow, white and pink. Rubies are widely used ring stones.


Sometimes it might be a difficult task to go for a perfect engagement ring but following the simple guidelines you can choose an enchanting surprise for your partner that would surely be a concrete foundation for your future relationship.

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