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Get Retro-Glam in These 90s-Inspired Chokers

Get Retro Glam in These 90s Inspired Chokers - Isharya - 061019

Today we’re taking a trip back to one of fashion’s coolest decades, the 1990s. Our favorite trend? The sleek and sophisticated choker, of course! Chocker necklaces can effortlessly make an outfit cool and trendy, whether you’re aiming for all-American grunge or European chic. Pair them with blouses and skinny jeans or gala-ready dresses. Explore some of our favorite chokers below, complete with the ultra-luxe jewels, mirrors, and chains we know you love.

Isharya Renaissance Rani Black RIbbon Choker Necklace

A classic ’90s throwback with a touch of luxe, the Isharya Renaissance Rani Black Ribbon Choker looks as good with a cocktail dress as it does with a casual weekend look.


90s Inspired Chokers - Isharya Celeste Vintage Mirror Choker Necklace 001

The Isharya Celeste Vintage Mirror Choker Necklace makes a sleek statement with art deco-inspired mirror motif, high-shine gold tone details, and a sleek black band.


90s Inspired Chokers - Isharya Bombay Deco Layered Mirror Choker Necklace 001

Get the best of two hot trends with the Isharya Bombay Deco Layered Mirror Choker Necklace, encompassing a layered pendant and classic choker.


90s Inspired Chokers - Isharya Decadence Decoded Mirror Double Line Choker Necklace 001-600

Skip the classic black band and go full luxe in the showstopping Isharya Decadence Decoded Mirror Double Line Choker Necklace.


90s Inspired Chokers - Isharya Empress Warrior Pearl Choker 001

The Isharya Empress Warrior Pearl Choker mixes decadence with edgy vibes, complete with a pearl-and-chain charm, front and center.


Can’t get enough of this trend? Shop more 90s inspired choker necklaces from our collections now and stay on top of your trend game!

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