Gilded in Fool’s Gold Jewelry

Pyrite, a.k.a. “Fool’s Gold”, is thought to attract prosperity and wealth in droves. Isharya’s Fool’s Gold collection is crafted in muted brushed gold hues, featuring decadent spirals, clusters, and hoops that look like glamorous modern art when worn. Japanese cotton pearls have been added to take the luxe-factor to the next level, balancing earthy textures with voluptuous shapes.

We’ve picked our favorite earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to indulge in below. Which are your favorites…?


Roll up those cozy knit sleeves and show off some shimmer.

Isharya Fool's Gold Textured Wave Bangle Bracelet

The Isharya Fool’s Gold Textured Wave Bangle proves you don’t need stacks of bracelets to make a statement.


Isharya Fool’s GoldTextured Harmony Bangle

Sleek minimalism meets artistic elegance in the Isharya Fool’s Gold Textured Harmony Bangle.


Isharya Fool’s Gold Textured Statement Cuff

A bold combination of luck-bringing pyrite and gold-plated brilliance: meet the Isharya Fool’s Gold Textured Statement Cuff.



Decadent earrings that will make you want to learn new updo looks.

Isharya Fool’s Gold and Metal Libra Statement Earrings

Oversized without being overbearing, the Isharya Fool’s Gold and Metal Libra Statement Earrings are an unforgettable head-turner.


Isharya Fool’s Gold Lotus Stud Earrings

When you need more impact than simple studs, the Isharya Fool’s Gold Lotus Stud Earrings are the perfect finishing touch.


Isharya Fool's Gold Hoop Earrings

Hoops get a modern makeover with the Isharya Fool’s Gold Hoop Earrings, featuring a luxe texture and oversized pearls.



From choker to pendant length, you’ll find something to complement every look in your closet.

Isharya Fool’s Gold Layered Cleopatra Choker Necklace

A decadent explosion of luxe, the Isharya Fool’s Gold Layered Cleopatra Choker Necklace was made for the spotlight.


Isharya Fool’s Gold Detachable Layered Necklace

The Isharya Fool’s Gold Detachable Layered Necklace is a touch of modern-minimal that pairs back to everything in your closet.


Isharya Fool’s Gold Linked Statement Collar Necklace

Your go-to fall statement necklace is the Isharya Fool’s Gold Linked Statement Collar Necklace. Go ahead, indulge.


Want more? Shop the entire Fool’s Gold collection and the rest of Isharya’s stunning modern Indian jewelry collections.

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