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Gorgeous Ombré & Multi-Hued Jewellery That Is Taking Over Weddings!

Bridal jewellery is always a favourite part of the wedding shopping journey! But with the same old designs and patterns, bridal jewellery fails to make a statement that you are looking for. If you are planning to tie the knot in 2021-2022 and are looking for something unique, check out these gorgeous ombré and multi-hued jewellery pieces that have our heart!

In All The Shades Of Coral And Pink!

Image via Pinterest

Loving how this necklace set starts off with shades of coral and merges into the palest of pinks!

Hues Of The Ocean!

Image via Etsy

This ombre necklace set with a passa and mangtikka has stunning shades of blue and enamel work that you can pick for your big day!

A Delicious Mix Of Pink And Jade!

Image via Etsy

This stunning beaded and enamel bridal necklace is legit goals!

In All The Shades Of Green!

Image via Mortantra★ 4.7

If you want to go minimal and simple, this ombré green necklace is all kinds of beautiful!

This mix of oxford blue and Crayola has our heart!

Totally digging this blue choker piece in such stunning hues!

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