How Beautiful is the Rose Cut Diamond?

The Rose Cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond shapes. Its name originates from the positioning of its stones-the look like a rose petal as they mimic the rose’ spiral shape. There is a flat cut at the bottom which adds surface area to the stone making it more brilliant.

One of the most desirable shapes available, the Rose Cut diamond is a shape that is mostly preferred to the emerald-cut diamond and the traditional square.


Have you ever asked yourself why many people go for the Rose Cut diamond? Why it is so popular among all other popular diamond cuts?

This article will give you answers to all your questions.

The Rose Cut diamond is made up of triangular-cut crystal bits that are arranged in patterns resembling a honeycomb. The diamond cuts are charming enough making them the most preferred diamond style in Europe.

The Rose Cut diamond can either be a Rose Cut with more diamond facets layers or a single Rose Cut. In the Rose Cut with more than one layer, the double layer in the stone is placed in the middle while in the single Rose Cut, there is only one layer of smaller diamonds.

Most Rose Cut diamonds lack flat bottoms. There is a type of Rose Cut diamond known as Dutch Rose Cuts or double Rose Cut diamond-such types are either deep or high.
Rose Cut diamonds cut mainly to sparkle under the candlelight.

This is because this type of diamond cut was invented centuries ago when electricity was not in existence. To easily sparkle, they are available in different varieties and have facets ranging from 3 to 24.

Also, Rose Cut diamonds allow light to pass through the stone leaving the diamond with a more subtle and transparent glow shine. Since they don’t have a pointed pavilion, they rest near the skin. This makes them look large.

As they don’t have a section at the bottom that is pointed, all the carat weight shows up on the upper surface making it look like a larger diamond.

Many people prefer the Rose Cut diamond since they get to have a more visible diamond for their money. The fact that they don’t have a pointed bottom also makes it easy to cut the diamond in different shapes.

Jewels can cut the Rose Cut diamond to be a rounded square, square, hexagon, kite, pear, oval or round. The facet arrangements found in the Rose Cut diamond also makes it possible to cut it into irregular and random shapes. You should know the difference between diamond and moissanite.

When it comes to color, the Rose Cut diamond is so versatile. It has a subtle shine and domed top complementing alternative colors and warmer tones in a beautiful manner. Common colors used include yellow tones, black, salt and pepper, opaque white, champagne and grey. To add, a bright white Rose Cut diamond is also gorgeously icy and tantalizingly transparent.

The Rose Cut diamond also goes with colorful diamonds like green, yellow, red, pink and blue. The cut made displays the color of the diamond. Rose Cut diamonds made from stones with yellow hues come up with very beautiful yellow bouquets.

White stones, also, come up with an icy effect if shaped as a Rose Cut. The Rose Cut diamond shows both muted and crisp white hues with equal aesthetics.

The Rose Cut is mostly defined as a round diamond cut shapes in a ‘more diamond shape’. Unlike the emerald cut and traditional square, the Rose Cut diamond makes use of the natural curves found in diamond to make it look better and more natural.

Many people refer to this natural cut as the ‘Queen cut’ as the shape resembles that of the two most polar shapes diamond has. One of the things that make it look beautiful is its ability to look more symmetrical than all other diamond shapes.

This is the main reason people prefer it to other diamond cut shapes.

The Rose Cut diamond combines the beauty of the oval, emerald and square diamond making it even more perfect. The most distinguishing aspect of the Rose Cut diamond is the shape of the diamond itself. It is the most-round diamond cut shape there has ever been.

In addition to being round, it looks like a pear shape-one of the features of most diamonds that are round. This feature of being the most symmetrical diamond if all diamond cuts make it popular among diamond fans.

Cut diamond is also a rare diamond shape. Consequently, many people desire it than other diamond cuts. Having less straight lines and a natural shape, it looks more symmetrical than other diamonds and looks like the natural round diamond.

Its straight lines, sharp corners and edges also makes it popular. Being one of the most expensive diamond cuts available, it is rare to find. Since diamonds are always in demand, they sell out quickly and it becomes challenging to fund a diamond cut.

Rose Cut diamonds are rare to find. Mostly, authentic gemstones that are old are found in estate sales and antique jewelry stores. Online platforms like Amazon and Easy also sell stunning Rose Cut diamond pieces. Finding an original Rose Cut diamond might take time but finding a replica of a Rose Cut is easy.

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Rose Cut diamonds are less expensive than brilliant cut diamonds but more expensive than antique cut diamonds. The price also varies depending on the shape and facets.

Diamond cutters and jewels cat rose gemstones from low quality and High quality diamonds. This makes it hard to find a high-quality Rose Cut diamond.

Rose Cut diamond sparkles less and shines more making it an exquisite and unique centerpiece stone in most engagement rings. The Rose Cut diamond is delicate and has a vintage appeal that leaves it with an understated beauty making it bloom with romantic brilliance.

Rose Cut diamonds might not be everyone’s favorite but they are a beauty and a great alternative to look at.