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How Modern Indian Jewelry Can Help You Look & Feel Your Best While Working From Home

How’s that work-from-home life going, ladies? Last week we helped you pick out some modern Indian jewelry pieces that really shine on camera, but what a difference a week makes! With an ever-evolving situation on our hands, we have to adapt quickly to the new rules of work and do our best to keep our energy and confidence levels high.

That said, this week we’re going to show you how some favorite style tips can help you look and feel your best while you’re working remotely. Working from home can be a bit of a challenge when you’re used to being productive in the office, but there are a lot of things you can do to optimize your day. Naturally, one of our favorite techniques is wearing the right jewelry!

Keep reading for five of our favorite ways to use modern Indian jewelry to look and feel great while working from home.

Dress for a big meeting—even when there’s none!

We’re kicking this list off with our favorite tip. Why? Even if it’s the only one you take with you, it’ll work wonders! Whether you’re going to spend the day staring at a spreadsheet or signing into a conference call full of major stakeholders, be sure your outfit reflects how much of a boss you truly are. Studies have shown that dressing to the nines gives us a tangible boost of confidence, even if we’re doing smaller tasks and no one is watching.

Isharya Borderless, Gypsy Soul and Glitter on the Go

Make a minimalist-inspired statement with Isharya’s Borderless Octagon Libra Black Enamel & Mirror Earrings. Feeling a little bit boho-chic? Dress up your look with Isharya’s Gypsy Soul Disc Chain Necklace. Or go ultra-modern in Isharya’s Glitter on the Go Stackable Bolo Bracelet.

Brighten up your look with spring colors!

Another way to lift your spirits and your work-from-home motivation is to add some color to the mix. Color therapy (via jewelry, among other things) is actually a valid way to wake up your senses and even inspire some creativity! Bright colors also instill a sense of confidence and help others connect to you more easily on a subconscious level. An added bonus? Bright colors pop on camera, so you’ll never be washed out during video check-ins with the team.

isharya-5 Tips to Look & Feel Great While Working From Home - Spring Color

For a burst of color, try Isharya’s Borderless Single Wrap Cuff, capped off by two beautifully hued stones. Get a little bit tropical with Isharya’s La Conchita Abstract Floral Statement Ring in Turquoise. Or, go for a cascading look with Isharya’s Borderless Turquoise & Blue Lapis Ivory Enamel Long Earrings.


Short on time? Make earrings work for you!

Even when you cut out commute time, working from home can get hectic. Pulling longer hours or having back-to-back virtual meetings sometimes means you have less time to spruce up for the day. If you’re getting an early start and need a quick hack to look your best, put your hair back and show off a bold pair of earrings. With minimal effort, you can capture a boss-worthy look that will pop on screen.

isharya-5 Tips to Look & Feel Great While Working From Home - bold earrings

Isharya’s Borderless Fan Stud Earrings make a show-stopping statement, so your outfit can be kept simple. Another sublime choice? Isharya’s Borderless Multi-Color Hoop Earrings. If you’re looking for something a little bit sharper, opt for Isharya’s Demi Goddess Shattered Mirror No. 8 Earrings.


Top off your outfit with an unexpected accent!

You know the deal: You wake up a bit drowsy, you put on the outfit you planned out the night before, and you mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Still, it feels like something is missing. You wish you could shake things up and give yourself a burst of inspiration. In this scenario, we recommend adding a fun accessory, like a hair clip or a headband, to your look.

isharya-5 Tips to Look & Feel Great While Working From Home - hair jewelry

Stay sharp with Isharya’s Demi Goddess Pyramid Mirror Hair Clip. On the other hand, you can add a touch of modern-feminine glam to your outfit with Isharya’s NOW Back To The ’90s Pearl Hair Clip or the Isharya NOW Leighton Pearl Headband (a tribute to our favorite queen B, no doubt). What vibe will you bring to the home office today?


Light up your fingers with bold rings!

Let’s face it… sometimes you have to go the extra mile to brighten up your workday (or in this case, the extra index finger). You’ll have your fingers out all day as they dance across the keyboard and emphatically make points on your video calls. So why not deck them out in glittering, glam rings? You may even find yourself smiling as you glance down at them between work sessions.

isharya-5 Tips to Look & Feel Great While Working From Home - Bold Rings

Go bold and regal with Isharya’s Noor Labradorite Fringe Ring. Craving something dreamy? Isharya’s Limelight Cluster Of Mirrors Statement Ring will sparkle with each flick of the wrist. You can also create a sublime effect with Isharya’s Borderless Illusion Ring, sure to evoke visions of future PTO.

Our final (informal) tip? When all else fails, pause your workday and do some online shopping. Isharya offers stunning modern Indian jewelry to complement every work-from-home outfit you can think of (and virtual dinner dates, too).

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