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How To Apply To Craft Fairs

5 Top Tips On Applying To a Jewellery Craft Fair

If this is your first time submitting jewellery craft fair applications, you may be wondering about the competition, what the organisers are looking for and whether or not you’re going to win a prime spot on this year’s circuit. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tried and tested tips for craft fairs that can help you apply to the best local crafts fairs across the UK with minimal effort and expense to ensure that you reach new customers with your unique jewellery brand.

Here are our top craft show tips for beginners on successfully applying to the best jewellery craft fairs across the UK – helping you to get a prime spot on any popular jewellery trade shows and handmade craft fairs.

1.) Conduct thorough research

The first of our craft fair tips and tricks comes before you start work on your jewellery craft fair applications, it pays to do your research, so take a look at the local craft fairs that you’re considering applying to and establish whether or not your work fits in with the style of the event, and the other vendors that may be in attendance. What kind of crowd are the other vendors going to draw to your local jewellery craft fairs? And are they similar to your customers? If not, this particular event may not be worth the time it takes to apply and set up a craft fair stall. Instead, apply to the local craft fairs that you are more confident will bring in sales – if you find that there are vendors with work of a similar style and quality to yours, you can be more confident when it comes to successfully selling jewellery at craft fairs.

2.) Bring a cohesive collection

It’s guaranteed that organisers of all UK craft fairs will be looking closely at the uniqueness of your work and whether or not you offer a cohesive collection that can be displayed effectively at the event. If your latest work does not offer a cohesive line that clearly represents your signature jewellery making style and the high quality output of your work, the craft fair organisers may not be able to picture how your work will sit amongst other designers at the event. So the second of our top tips for crafts fairs is to carefully curate a varied collection that shows off your versatility but also shows how well your jewellery pieces work as a collection.

3.) Make sure your images are professional

Ask any jewellery craft fair organiser or experienced vendor what one of the most important tips for selling at craft fairs is, and their answer will be the quality of your images. Photographs of your products play such a large role in how your designs and brand are perceived by the organisers, and ultimately whether or not your application is accepted.

That’s why the third of our top tips for craft fairs is to invest time and budget into your product photography. If you’ve not had a lot of experience taking product shots, you may want to invest some money into getting this right. In the long run, it will bring in revenue, and good images can be used across all aspects of your business; your local craft fair vendor applications, your website, your social media profiles, your brochures, business cards, and, of course, at craft events themselves. So, it pays to make sure you have a set of product images that are professional, well-lit, and reflect your brand.


4.) Sell your story in your application

One of our most valuable tips for craft fairs is standing out from the crowd, and not just when it comes to your designs. When it comes to sitting down and writing your jewellery craft fair application, it’s worth asking yourself what your brand story is. If you have a personal story to tell about your collection or how you started out, share it in your craft fair application. This will make you stand out, especially if you’re applying to a specific jewellery craft fair where your competition will inevitably be latching onto the latest trends. If 20 other vendors have similar styles but your story and collection speaks for themselves, you’ll be in with a much better chance of being selected.

5.) Don’t let rejection from craft fairs knock your confidence

Every single jewellery vendor will, on more than one occasion, receive a rejection letter from a jewellery craft fair they’ve applied to. Some craft fair organisers will give you specific feedback – others won’t. But don’t let this knock your confidence. Use the information you receive to understand how you can improve your application for the next event.

In the very crowded world of handmade craft, it can be difficult to stand out – especially when it comes to selling jewellery at craft fair. So take the organiser’s feedback on the chin and use it to your advantage to ensure that your unique style develops and is ready for next year’s round of jewellery craft fair applications.

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