How to Choose a Great Brand Name for Your Online Jewellery Business

The perfect brand name selection of an online jewellery store is very important because it can communicate and attract more customers. People are identifying different businesses and brands thorough memories, discussions, and comparison. Actually, the brand name is a first impression of your business and you can get more attention and deal with your competition through it.

Choosing a Jewellery Business Name

It is very tough for many owners to choose a unique and valuable brand name for their gold, diamond or artificial jewellery store. In order to start a new jewellery business you have to plan it well. Today after developing online jewellery websites and controlling social business profiles through digital campaigns you can increase brand awareness and sale conversions but the name selection is the first crucial part.

Many businesses start without proper planning and take naming stage easy which can lead to the loss. Your business should capture customers all the time so we are sharing some useful instructions which will guide to choose a proper jewellery business name with ease.

Firstly, I’m sharing an infographic to represent the characteristics of a great business name for your online jewellery business.


characteristics of a great business name for your online jewellery business


Secondly, I’d like to explain the importance of good jewellery brand name with the help of these 17 valuable points. Please read these points to know how to choose a great brand name for your online jewellery business:

1- Purpose & Types: The name should reflect the purpose and types of jewellery products. So that your customers can instantly know about your business.

2- Specific Product Name: You can select a specific product name in your brand name selections which can gives you targeted traffic very preciously.

3- Product Category: Select the jewellery name by using your main business categories such as woman jewellery or men jewellery or artificial jewellery.

4- Generic Brand Name: It Can increase the area of your jewellery products selection such as luxiousjewellery.com can cover earring designs, ring designs, bangles & bracelets designs, necklace designs and bridal jewellery designs, etc. Initially you can start your Pakistani jewllery store by targeting a single product and later on you can add multiple categories in the online jewellery shop such as hair accessory, nails accessory, watches, Pakistani bridal accessories and more stuff.

5- Brand Awareness & Identification: You should choose a unique name which has not used anyone else. It can help you to create your own identification throughout the world by using digital media. Your unique selection can increase the business opportunities in way to create new accounts on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter etc.

6- Brainstorm: Let me tell you another trick to get the brand name for your online jewellery store. Organize meetings with your colleagues, friends and even family members and tell them to come with relevant jewellery name ideas. Brainstorming with different peoples can generate new ideas and you will know the pros and cons of your choices too.

7- Logo & Favicon: These are also very important in the digital businesses. Logo development is the next stage after selecting your jewellery brand name. Your brand name should not contain more than three words. Single or two words brand name looks more beautiful than a lengthy sentence.

8- Font Size & Family: You should apply different font sizes and styles to check the actual look and width of your brand name representation. A beautiful design and color can increase the chances of user attraction.

9- Market & Competitor Analysis: These are also recommended while planning to start your new jewellery store and naming your artificial jewellery business. You will definitely get an idea to give a unique name to your online business.

10- A Simple Name: A name which is easy to pronounce and remember can give you more benefits than a complex name. A simple and memorable name is very valuable for your jewellery company.

11- Consider Your Brand Message: Professional businesses convey brand messages to promote their brands. So you should use a slogan or statement. Like Mobilink uses “Dunya ko Bataa do”. These messages can develop long term business relations with the dream of your audience.

12- Play with words: You can add and subtract different words to get a desirable jewellery brand name. After selection of your main word such as “jewellery”, you can start playing with other names of your products. We are sharing some of name ideas below here:

Genric Names:

  • Jewllery Design
  • Artificial Jewellery
  • Jewellery Store
  • Woman Jewellery
  • Men Jewellery

Specific Names:

  • Earring Designs
  • Ring Designs
  • Necklace Designs
  • Bridal Jewellery
  • Wedding Jewellery

13- Brand Personality Consideration: People buy jewellery according to their passion and needs. A college or university girl wears light weight jewellery as compare to the occasional or bridal jewellery set. You can add human characteristics and adjectives in your brand name such as unique, beautiful, caring, etc to interact with your specific traffic.

14- Business Name Generators: I hope that you have fully understood the importance of brand name. So if you are not such expert and you are at very initial stage of your business so you can use the business name generators. You can insert a single word in the search bar of that generator and then select from the given options. But I suggest you to follow all above steps too.

15- Domain Name: You will have multiple options after collecting generated options and family & friends suggestions and market research. It is the time to narrow down that list to choose the precious final name. After the brand name selection the next step is to buy your domain as the name of your brand such as luxiousjewellery.com buy .com domain as the first and.net as the second priority. These domains are good to target for both the local and global markets and audience. You can visit GoDaddy to buy the domain. You will see multiple available options. Some of them will only available on auction and you can buy them after paying their heavy prices but those can be very beneficial for your business because those domains already have a huge search volume.

16- Trademark Registration: To get the registered trademark for Jewellery Company is very important. No one can misuse the established brand and its reputation after registration. So I suggest you to get the registration to avoid any losses and damages.

17- Get Feedback: You have involved your relatives, friends and family members. You have done market research and competitor analysis. You have used business name software. Now you should also communicate directly with your clients to interpret their desires. You should open a public poll and invite your valued clients to vote for the best option out of four to five names this is how you can know the people’s interest about the jewellery and latest trends.

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