How To Choose between the Right Maang Tikka & Matha Patti Style

A jewellery piece that can instantly make or break your look is what you wear on your head, known as Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. For the brides, it is absolutely a headache and a big confusion and otherwise also for girls and women in regards to choosing the right type and style of Maang Tikka and bridal Matha Patti for themselves. Today, we are unearthing some easy ways to help you identify the most enhancing or the most complimenting styles out of these two options.

A Maang Tikka is a simple thread or a string with a pendant that rests on the temple of a woman’s face however a Matha Patti is more elaborate with two or more strings and a lot of embellishments plus a big pendant on it. A few things that will help you determine the right pick from Maang Tikka and Matha Patti are your features, shape of the face and the size of your forehead. So pay attention to the following points.

A) Round Face

Anyone with a round face must go for a Maang Tikka with vertical design such a diamond-shaped pendant to help elongate the shape of the face. A Matha Patti would not be the right choice for such faces as this would add pounds to one’s face’s roundness.

Round Face

B) Square Face

Matha Patti is a fitting jewellery style for square faces as a Patti style will add some roundness and softness to the snatched look of a square face. A side large pendant design known as Passa is also a good option for this type of face shape.

Square Face

C) Oval Face

Women with oval-shaped face are blessed as all the styles look breathtaking on them. Whether you feel like wearing a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti and of any style, everything would look great on you.

Oval Face

D) Small Forehead

Usually, women with two or three head, which means you have less temple space, must go for minimalistic and small American diamond Maang Tikka style.

Small Forehead

E) Big Forehead

With a fivehead or even bigger, such women can go all out and wear a heavily decorated Maang Tikka pendant or a Matha Patti and both would be stunning for you.

Big Forehead

It is easy to determine the right style for oneself and the science behind it is simple. Big faces go for bigger baubles while women with smaller faces and very delicate features must go for small-sized and delicate jewellery style.

Chaand Tikka, Crescent shape Maang Tikka, double strings pearl Matha Patti and big Polki or Kundan and gold Matha Patti are some great options for bigger faces with very defined features. However, Rajasthani Maang Tikka known as Borla or single-string small pendant Maang Tikka, one-stone or one diamond Maang Tikka and tear-drop Maang Tikka are some of the best and alluring options to choose from for smaller faces. Enjoy wearing the most stunning Maang Tikka or Matha Patti style now that you know which one to go for and flaunt your beautiful jewellery amongst all!

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