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How To Custom Package Your Jewellery

How to use custom jewellery packaging to sell your pieces

Bespoke jewellery packaging is the first and lasting memory that your customer will have once they receive their purchase from your online store. Unique jewellery packaging ideas can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your customer returns when your new collection arrives. A carefully wrapped package will show your customer that the item inside has been handled with the utmost care.

So, where do you start when it comes to packaging handmade jewellery pieces?

Make it an experience

There’s so much joy that comes with opening a package, even when you know what’s inside. By prolonging the unwrapping experience, you’re making sure that the recipient is enjoying their parcel for that little bit longer. Add an extra layer to your wrapping process. Whether it’s just an extra layer of tissue paper, or an elaborate box within a box, making your bespoke jewellery packaging an experience will leave a lasting memory on the recipient.

Make the packaging unique to you

Your custom jewellery box packaging should be instantly recognisable as your jewellery product. Use your logo and branded colour palette so that your customer will remember your brand for future jewellery purchases. Professional typography that matches the look and feel of your online presence will ensure that your customer identifies with your product and your packaging.

Think outside the box

Packaging handmade jewellery doesn’t always have to be limited to standard boxes and bags. Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for creative jewellery packaging ideas – as long as the packaging accommodates the size and shape of your jewellery line, you can find packaging ideas in the most unusual (or common) of places. Ever thought of using tiny jars to host your jewellery items? Or small lip balm tubs? If you can buy them in bulk at a low price, it could be what your customers remember you for!

Consider costs

Of course, getting creative with some handmade jewellery packaging will leave your customer with something special. However it’s vital that the materials used to create your bespoke jewellery packaging are factored into the cost of the items that you sell. Trying to keep costs to a minimum but still want to make an impact on your customers? Keep things simple with coloured card pillow boxes and ribbon. You don’t have to spend a lot to add a more personal touch to your creative jewellery packaging.

Leave them with a reminder

Don’t forget to add your business card to your jewellery packaging materials too. As a small jewellery business, you’ll want to make sure that your customer knows exactly where to find you when they next want to pick up a special gift for a loved one or treat themselves to a new necklace.

Add an extra incentive

Once you’ve put your creative jewellery packaging ideas into practice and you have the final design for your business card ready to go, there’s one last thing you could add to your package. Give your customer an incentive to step straight back into your online store with a discount code or voucher that shows them how much you value their custom. Can’t quite justify the reduction on your current jewellery line? Try adding a personal ‘Thank You’ note instead. If possible, make sure you address it to the specific recipient – the personal touch added to your creative jewellery packaging is precisely why your customers will choose you over larger jewellery brands.

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