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How To Find Instagram Influencers For Your Jewellery Brand

Selling items on Instagram takes time and a little dedication, especially when you’re in the process of building a jewellery brand online. If your online presence is growing and you want to take your social media presence to the next level, Instagram influencer marketing may be just the ticket.

Discover how to get your Instagram noticed with our guide on how to find Instagram influencers for your jewellery brand, and learn how to harness their pulling power and add value to your jewellery business.

What is influencer marketing?

If jewellery making is your bread and butter, you may be new to this influencer marketing stuff. So, here’s a breakdown of what influencer marketing is and how it could help support your jewellery brand.

As more and more people make a living from marketing items on Instagram, a microcosm of influencers is growing amongst Instagram users. These micro-influencers are becoming celebrities in these circles and are therefore directly influencing the users that follow them. So, if a user follows a micro-influencer who posts primarily about fashion and accessories, that user will be much more likely to pick up an item that the micro-influencer is wearing in their posts. A simple way of marketing based on the principle of word of mouth.

There are plenty of jewellery influencers on Instagram. Whether they’re considered celebrities or not, with the right followers, an Instagram influencer and a solid Instagram marketing strategy can help you boost your online profile and improve your jewellery sales.

Not yet ready to set up an Instagram influencer marketing strategy? Start with the basics, and learn how to sell jewellery on Instagram.

How to find influencers on Instagram

How do you get your jewellery in front of the right audience on Instagram? By finding the right Instagram influencers. But knowing how to find influencers is the tricky part. Here’s how to collate a list of jewellery influencers that you could potentially reach out to and work with.

  1. Who has engaged with you on Instagram already? Are there certain Instagram users that have already liked or commented on posts in your jewellery brand’s Instagram feed? If they have a good following, the likelihood is that they would love you to get in touch with them.
  2. Check out the competition. You can always gain some insight from other brands. If there are jewellery brands that you admire or that inspire your work, it won’t be surprising to find that they too have been working with Insta-influencers to promote their latest work. And if the Instagram influencer is willing to work with a similar brand, it may be worth contacting them to see if featuring your jewellery would be up their street too.
  3. Check out the metrics. If you’ve discovered some up and coming influencers but they just don’t have the reach that will benefit your business, then it may be worth making a note of their details for a few months down the line. They may not be right for your business right now, but they may be developing their own presence. Check back in with them in six months. You may be surprised to find how much their following has grown, and subsequently how much it could benefit your business.
  4. Looking in the right places. If you have yet to come across the type of influencer that you want to work with, Instagram has an excellent search tool which allows you to use hashtags to find pages that talk about specific topics. Additionally, Instagram offers a discovery section which is divided into different interests you may have, based on your previous activity.

How to reach out to Instagram influencers

Knowing how to reach out to Instagram influencers may seem a little awkward at first. But it doesn’t have to be. Remember if they make a living from Instagram, they probably receive emails and phone calls from several brands every day. Equally, you don’t want to overstep the mark with someone you could potentially work with – remember their aim is to build their online presence and make money from their Instagram profile. So, here’s how to get in touch with Instagram influencers the right way.

Engage with relevant jewellery influencers

Before you jump straight in and contact your favourite influencers, start by engaging with them first. Have you followed them on Instagram? Have you left any comments on their recent posts? Showing them that you care about their content will make them appreciate yours. Showing an interest in their profile will make starting a business conversation much more natural.

Contact jewellery influencers professionally

You may have already built up Instagram relationships with some jewellery influencers, so now is the time to take a more professional approach. Whether it’s a direct message or an email, remember that you’re pitching your idea to the Instagram influencer, so keep it concise.

Be honest about what you can offer them in return for their work, as transparency will help you build a better business relationship in the long run. If you’re asking them to work for free, expect a negative response – potentially no response at all! It’s worth remembering that influencer marketing is big business, so where an influencer is met with a request of working for no monetary reward, they may not consider working with you in the future as you don’t see the value in their work.

And if you can’t offer the fees that a certain influencer is suggesting? Consider looking for smaller, low-cost influencers. When the time is right, you’ll be able to build on your Instagram influencer marketing budget, and reach out to those with a larger following and a larger fee request.

Get your pitch just right

When you’re pitching your plans to jewellery influencers, show them your enthusiasm. Ask them about their own goals and what they would like to get from this working relationship. Suggest ways in which your jewellery brand could help the influencers you’re contacting too – perhaps they could feature on your profile, presenting them to your audience? Overall, communicate your excitement about the opportunity. Instagram influencers will inevitably want to be part of a project that they can get excited about.

We hope this gives you a starting point to working on your Instagram influencer marketing strategy. Now that you know how to find Instagram influencers for your jewellery brand, you are in an excellent position to gain new followers and more potential customers!

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