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How To Sell Jewellery On Social Media

Successfully sell your jewellery online with social media

Wondering how can I sell my jewellery online? When you’re starting out as a small jewellery business it can be difficult to engage with customers online – but more and more small businesses are now harnessing the extensive reach that social media can bring. By setting up and carefully managing a range of social media profiles, you can successfully expand your online reach, increase your customer base and ultimately make sales through social media.

Not sure where to start? Here’s our beginner’s guide to selling on social media and the techniques you can use to make sure your online jewellery business grows.

Setting up social media profiles

According to research, people in the UK spend about two hours a day using social media accounts. With major social media platforms taking the plunge and offering businesses the opportunity to sell their products via their platform, it is now easier than ever to build your jewellery brand online and make selling on social media a major part of your business model. But in order to really make your mark and sell jewellery online using social media, you must first set up the social media profiles that will benefit your business.

Make an impact with images on Pinterest and Instagram

How do you decide on which social media platforms will best suit your business? Well, when it comes to selling jewellery online, an image can speak volumes. Both Pinterest and Instagram are image-sharing platforms with which you can gain invaluable exposure, especially if your product images are high quality and stand out from your competitors.

These visual platforms are ideal for online jewellery businesses, as you can build out pins and Instagram images that are unique to your brand, helping you build up your reputation online. One of the most important things to remember when setting up your initial Pinterest and Instagram profiles – make sure your Instagram profile and Pins link back to your main website, where consumers can find your products once they’ve caught a glimpse of them on your social media profiles.

Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook

Although Pinterest and Instagram are geared towards selling jewellery online, social media giants Facebook and Twitter should not be left out of the equation. Facebook is a useful all-rounder and with a properly set up business page on Facebook, you can track the kind of engagement you receive from your followers. This will help you form a more concrete idea of how useful selling on social media can be for your overall revenue figures. Meanwhile the information you get via replies and messages can be invaluable when it comes to hearing the preferences of your customers, whether that’s what they want to see next from your designs, or if they want to request a customised piece.

Why not even provide them with sneak-peeks of your new designs in progress and ask for feedback?

Managing your social posts effectively

Your priority may lie with dedicating enough time to the creation of your jewellery collection. And with only 24 hours in the day, the idea of managing one social media platform to promote your jewellery business, let alone four, may seem a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. With social media management tools that are simple to use, it’s easier than ever to compile a week’s worth of activity and automate your social media posts amongst other activity such as re-posting or sending a message.

Start off with a basic Hootsuite or Buffer account to manage all your social media profiles and you’ll soon find that what may take you an hour each day could be narrowed right down to an hour a week.

Engaging with customers

One of the real successes of selling on social media is the instantaneous nature of it all. And with that real-time engagement with your customers, you can begin to build an excellent rapport online. This is done not just by promoting your jewellery pieces for sale, but by becoming intrinsically plugged into your industry online. That way, you’re much more likely to be aware of trends and upcoming events that may be of use to you.

Twitter is a great tool for keeping up with trending styles that your customers may be looking for, giving you the opportunity to update your latest designs. It’s also an excellent tool for providing your customers with swift responses to any issues they may be having, whether that’s with delivery dates or refund policy. By giving your customers a direct line to your brand voice, you can successfully build trust that will soon spread farther afield, and bring in new customers via reviews and recommendations from social media savvy customers who have bought and appreciated your jewellery.

Using social media to sell your jewellery pieces does mean making a considerable effort to build your online presence, but by dedicating some time to solidifying your online reputation, you will be able to reach more customers, improve on your jewellery collections and make sure that selling on social media eventually becomes a natural and lucrative part of your business.

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