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How to Write Compelling Product Descriptions for Gems & Jewellery

When it comes to online shopping, today’s customers have become increasingly demanding and emotionally cautious. They spend a lot of time researching for information, before purchasing the smallest of items.

Jewellery is a unique product category, which elicits strong emotions from potential buyers. If you’re selling jewellery online, your product descriptions are where you make the pitch to prospects. Given the emotional and expensive nature of these products, they demand a descriptive writing style that clearly explains the features while highlighting the aesthetic aspects of the piece.


Here are a few tips on how to write product descriptions for jewellery.

Use Words that Make the Buyer Fall In Love with the Jewellery

Words such as beautiful, vintage-inspired, splendid, magnificent, shimmering, whimsical, fashion-forward, or expensive-looking offer vivid descriptions of jewelery and tickle the emotions of buyers. By choosing the right adjectives, you can make buyers fall in love with the product. See an example below of a descriptive product description for a ring.

Use Catchy Image Titles and Headlines

Give each piece of jewellery image a title that is not only intriguing but descriptive as well. Think of eye-catching phrases that will make buyers want your product. For example titles like “Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Soul Mate” or “Splendid Handmade Bracelets and Earrings” are much more descriptive and incorporate many emotions than simply mentioning products alone in the title.

Describe the Jewellery in Detail

When writing product descriptions for jewellery, it is important to including all essential facts such as size, material content, weight, and anything else that a prospective shopper would need to know. Shoppers may or not want to contact you via email or telephone to know the details of the product. So to close the sale, ensure you provide answers to all possible queries in the description itself.

Also, make sure to include multiple pictures of your jewellery! While they may not be able to touch and feel the product, high-resolution images are very useful in making customers connect with the product.


Bring Out Your Uniqueness

A lot of products have similar designs and features. To make a strong impression on the prospect, emphasise how your product is different from everyone else.

For example, you can describe in detail things like:

  • You provide pure handmade jewellery?
  • You offer only GIA certified diamond jewellery or hallmark plated gold jewellery?
  • Does your store offer personalization on jewellery?

Unique descriptions will also be helpful for search engine optimization. This way, your target consumers will be able to find you, even if they aren’t familiar with your brand.

Final Thoughts:

Product descriptions are an integral element to sell jewellery online successfully. We, at Luxious Jewellery, can help you create effective product descriptions for jewellery and a range of other products. We will use the same creativity and inspiration when writing product descriptions writing that has been used for designing the jewellery.