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Jewellery Essentials & Styling for the Winters

Winter chills may dull the idea of wearing fashionable jewellery but there’s always some smart ways to incorporate pretty baubles in one’s daily looks. Another major reason to deck up with flawless jewels during these cold days of a year is the holiday season because why not be in a gorgeous avatar while you welcome Santa and New Year? Here’s how you can build your jewellery look with your winter clothes that not only look different but also vivacious so you can be in a happy mood on a cold day.

Finger Rings Stacks

Let’s be honest, winters mean a few more layers of clothing and literally no place to flaunt jewellery like how you can do it with ease during the other lighter seasons. So stackable finger rings make it to the top of the list, a way of making one’s winter look very interesting, fashionable and colourful. You can either opt for thin rings to stack them one by one on your fingers or even two bold rings with big stones or carvings on top! With regards to the metal you choose, coordinate silver with cooler tones of your clothes while wearing warmer shades, gold is a great choice!

finger rings design
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Statement Bangles & Bracelets

Much easier to go over a cardigan cuff are some statement bangles or bracelets that are easily visible, and a great style option to flaunt your jewellery. A plain boring winter clothing look can be easily amped up with a stack of chunky bangles on one wrist, and you’ll feel like a runway model almost instantly! To make it look more elegant and sophisticated, picking colourful bejeweled bangles will do it for you.

Bracelets online
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Big Locket in a Chain It is essential to not make a mistake of layering neck chains during winters because there’s already a lot of layering of clothes on one’s body. It is best to choose a long chain with a solid locket design that’ll add oomph to a winter look. Think about how gorgeous you’d look wearing twinkling diamonds on a gigantic locket hanging on your long chain over a turtle neck cardigan!

chain pendant online
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Do not underestimate the power of brightening up your basic winter look with a glam brooch! Dainty jewellery pieces are an essential part of winter accessories and having a collection of beautiful brooches is a must! Wearing an eye-catching statement brooch over an oversized denim jacket is a look straight from the high-fashion streets of the western fashion world!

statement brooch
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Opulent Ear Studs

These are convenient, small and comfy! These are the evergreen, studs. Mimic the sparkle of a snowflake on your ears by wearing diamond studs or even coloured gems to add some hues to any subdued look. Interesting pieces in floral shades, Reindeers, cherries, ladybird, or the setting Sun colours are absolutely breathtaking for the season.

diamond studs
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It’s time to get ready for the fun nights and days of winters with some glorious jewellery pieces that’ll complement your celebratory mood and turn your feelings around for winter jewellery fashion on another whole new level. Let your fashionista jeweled side brighten up everyone around you.

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