Jewellery Essentials to Add to Your Stash for After-Marriage Chronicles

So you’ve recently become a ‘Bahu’ and there are innumerable occasions of meeting the extended family members and friends in the new set up. You wouldn’t want to be wearing the same heavy jewellery that you wore for your wedding! This is why it is imperative to own these jewellery essentials for those after wedding sagas! As a modern bride, the need to own these specific pieces is also because of work and life culture, and the versatility of such pieces is for ethnic as well as western outfits. To balance that as a newly-married woman, such intelligent jewellery baubles will come to your rescue so you keep shining even after your D-Day!

Short Threaded Mangalsutra

With a busy and moving lifestyle especially after marriage, wearing a short threaded Mangalsutra, the most important jewellery item worn by each and every married woman in India, is a must! The 3 different designs to choose from in short Mangalsutras are.
1. Floral, Curved or Drop-shaped Diamond Mangalsutra
2. Ring Mangalsutra
3. Gold & Pearl Mangalsutra

Short Mangalsutras

A Range of Toe Rings

Another very essential jewellery piece to experiment with is the toe rings. Available in silver, gold and other metals, toe rings come in a huge range, embellished with coloured tones and textures. These are a few types of toe ring designs that are perfect for any and every occasion after marriage.
1. Two or Three-Finger Toe Ring Design
2. Toe Rings with Attached Payal
3. Golden Finish Toe Ring with Pearl Settings

Toe Ring

Nose Pins and Rings For A Pretty Face

It is impossible to not observe the different beautiful nose pins and rings that look so breathtaking with any type of attire. For the new brides, the best option to change their looks quickly is by pulling off various types of designs of nose rings & studs that are understated yet classy. From diamond studs to silver and gold nose pins or the ones with coloured gems, these can be worn with anything.

Nose Rings


Originally a more North-Indian tradition but diversity in India calls it to be a more global fashion now, Choodas are for everyone. In fact, these collection of bangles are so popular that women from all around the country are seen wearing them on and after the wedding. Since heavy choodaas are not very wearable for the day today’s lives, there are some very stylish designs of choodaas that a newly-married woman must own to pep up her gorgeous looks for innumerable events and ceremonies. Don’t shy away from trying some interesting styles of choodas and here’s what you can do!
1. Unique Colours of a Chooda. Very pale and subdued pinks and peaches are some trendy colours of choodaas to wear to balance the heavy after-wedding dressing.
2. Pairing the Classic Red Chooda with gold and pearl bangles or kadaas.
3. Minimal Customised Choodas with names or images of you and your husband can be an awesome accessory to wear your love on your wrist!


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