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Kundan Jewellery Latest Designs with Prices & New Trends in Pakistan 2021

To my dear ladies, you must be wondering that in the world of Chanel, dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Dior, what lies finest for those women who are pure desi, traditional and have zero interest in such famous yet western jewellery pieces.

No Doubt, we women love jewellery of any kind, tradition and type but if you are a pure desi one then OUCH! You must be having ZERO interest in them. Talking about the truth, such as we need an aesthetic outfit to look chic, a hairdo to go with the flow, decent shoes to go with the rest and these are all mandatory right?

Hiba Creations - Kundan Jewellery Latest Designs with Prices & New Trends in Pakistan 2021

Just like these, we need “Kundan jewellery” to complete the whole look. Without a touch of kundan pieces, it’s a 5/10!

Now if you look back, you will see that kundan jewellery has been worn by many desi women for centuries. The trend of wearing kundan consistently was first originated from the royal courts of Gujrat and Rajasthan, India. Kundan itself means PERFECTLY REFINED FORM OF GOLD and no doubt, it is perfect in its own kind. Kundan jewellery is considered as the most aesthetic ancient form of jewellery. If you look deep into today’s world, you will come across many new, classy and elegant designs of kundan jewellery.


Based on its kind and traditionality; you can wear these beauties with desi attire such as lehenga choli, shalwar kameez, saari and much more but there are no boundaries, we have literally seen women wearing it with their western attire and THEY BE ROCKING!


This article is going to uncover the trendiest variations of Kundan jewellery that are worn by almost every woman on different traditional or nontraditional occasions.

Kundan Necklaces Design in Pakistan 2021

An assortment of colors across a woven pattern of gold, necklaces in Kundan art form work out perfectly for just traditional clothing. Teamed with lehengas, skirts, sarees, suits and wedding wear, they enhance the elegance and balance of the woman. Brighter colors add an extra charm to the lighter shades of attires. You can wear various chokers and raani haars as well. Chokers, in a moderate work pattern can go with a Western clothing like a tunic yet raani haars ought to elegantly be limited to sarees to be worn on festivals, weddings or traditional events. If you look around in top cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, you will see desi women wearing kundan jewellery as their pride. Kundan jewellery is the beauty of Punjab and enhances everyone’s appearance, who wears it! For a kundan necklaces, trendiest are the simple ones, who have minimal embellishments but colorful. Series of stones studded into the structure of gold silver or any other metal looks exceptionally aesthetic!

Kundan Necklaces Design with Price in Pakistan Online


Kundan Jhumkas Earrings Design in Pakistan 2021

Kundan Jhumkas beautifully covered with minakari work go well with sarees and shalwar kameez yet, you can take a jump in experimentation and group them up with Jodhpur designs with a casual skirt to accomplish that perfect bohemian look. Amazing examples of Kundan craftsmanship, these Jhumkas additionally work out perfectly along the traditional bridal wear. Now coming to the various designs, Punjab never disappoints in giving you the best of the designs! Heavy kundan Jhumkas in different colors, hanging pearls and beautiful embellishments studded into them looks PERFECT! But you can also go with the simple ones!

Kundan Jhumkas Earrings Design with Price in Pakistan


Kundan Anklets and Bracelets Design in Pakistan 2021

Our dear women living in Punjab are the desperate fans of Kundan anklets and bracelets, they without an iota of doubt, can be a vibrant add on to a traditional desi attire as well as western too. Worn with sarees, they do add a touch of beauty to the traditional clothing yet with a Western easygoing outfit they offer a pleasant contrast and fuse well. Simple silver and golden bracelets and anklets were trendy once in a blue moon but now Its kundan anklets and bracelet TIME!

Kundan Anklets and Bracelets design with Price in Pakistan

Kundan bracelets and anklets in which numerous delicate stones are engraved into a thin chain are all you need to steal the show. Mostly these are worn at desi functions, weddings.


Kundan Rings Design in Pakistan 2021

The most popular ones are the kundan rings and their demand ranks the highest. Without a doubt, you would prefer not to pass up the fun of exploring different brilliantly embellishment kundan rings rings and matching them up with a motely of dresses and co-ordinate an assortment of styles with them. The idea of a sapphire embedded ring with a LBD is similarly exciting as the idea of wearing a kundan ring with a white embroidered saree. Both ways, it will help you achieve the most DESIEST look of the eve! Usually heavy and broad rings are preferred but simple and small kundan work rings never go out of fashion too. These rings are very popular among our desi women living in the top cities as they are a big of experimenting different things and styling them up elegantly.

Kundan Rings Design with Price in Pakistan


Kundan Mattha Patti Design in Pakistan 2021

For the bridal makeover, Mattha Patti has become the piece of the advanced trends. These are either double or single sided. These matha Pattis are adorned with delightful Kundan stones and pearls. The color of jewels is kept by the focal pearl of the accessory to make an aesthetic appeal to its overall look. Other than Matha Patti, Jhumka for forehead is likewise used which normally carries on an enormous central diamond, pearl or stone. Matha pattis were not really in trend before but from last 3-4 years it Is now a must have! You can simply wear bindiya mentioned above as jhumka or you may also want to double you charm by simply adding matha patti to the look. It has such a royal look to it and can be made to be quite simple and not over the top. It’s traditional and classy!

Kundan Mattha Patti design with Price in Pakistan


With the Old and Royal art of Kundan, the further experimentation depends on your sense of style. Go for Kundan if you need to escalate the balance and elegance of your look with the never-ending variations of colors and designs!

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