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Latest Jhumar Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Passa or Jhumar which was at only associated with Pakistani or Muslimbrides, has now become a significant rage in bridal jewelry.

This stunning piece of jewelry enhances a bride’s look, however proffers a great look. If you are a Pakistani woman then you must be worried about your Jhumar and how can you pull that off. Jhumar designs are available in different materials and embellishments. Jhumar is undeniably a major part of traditional Pakistani jewelry and it’s a must for barat or walima.

Hiba Creations - Latest Jhumar Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

If you ever happen to visit top cities such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi then you must have seen variation of Jhumar in every shop. That is the best part, now Jhumars in variations are available! Jhumar has been in the wedding jewelry scene for a very long time. You will not see a single bride without a Jhumar on her big day. Also, it looks beautiful, elegant and exceptionally tasteful.


Over the years, Jhumar has come up in many different designs and sizes with many shaped pearls, stones and vintage look. Furthermore, it’s not only the brides who wear it; it was also seen on the bridesmaids and looked similarly stunning on them. Worn on either the left or right side of the hair, it grabs the attention of every guest.

Furthermore, if you are getting hitched at any point in the near future and looking for some fascinating and astounding piece of Jhumar for your wedding look, at that point this will help you a great deal. We have some elegant plans of designs gathered up for you, that we spotted on many brides and we thoroughly feel you should see them before you finish buying your wedding jewelry.

Thus, without more ado how about we look at some beautiful and remarkable Jhumar designs:

Traditional Jhumar with Pearl Strings

Pearls, as being a brides or a woman’s best friend, do justice to everything! Traditional Jhumar with pearl strings looks so classy, vintage and elegant plus traditional at the same time. Heavy Jhumars with pearls strings and hanging pearls have gone viral and are most worn. If you don’t want to go too desi on your wedding and are looking for something vintage and aesthetic then  pearl Jhumars are all you need. The trend that has now taken over the fashion market over the years is mostly of Jhumar with pearl strings. Additionally, our ladies living in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are a big fan of these traditional Jhumar with pearls. Jhumars can be a bit expensive because these are produced with many heavy embellishments. You can buy this Jhumar in 1500 to 2000 Rs, still not too expensive!

Kundan Jhumar with Pearl Strings

If you are a Pakistani bride or a Pakistani woman then you must be really into Kundan stuff, right? YES! Because Pakistani jewelry is all about showing off your kundan jewelry pieces. Not going to lie, nothing can beat kundan Jhumar with pearl strings. If you live In Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore then you must already know why Kundan Jhumars are trendy because these are places where you can find the most of the VARIATIONS! Kundan Jhumar with pearls can go with any look, any outfit or any color you are going to wear on your big day just make sure you choose the right color of the other embellishments that are beautiful studded in to the Jhumar. These Kundan Jhumar with pearl strings can GLORIFY a bride’s look, giving some major bride goals. Kundan jewelry can be a bit expensive but if you are going for artificial then its surely pocket friendly!

Chunky Jhumar with Bunch of Embellishments

Highkey, chunky Jhumars look so aesthetic and prominent that can make the whole crowd go crazy and love your whole look. Chunky Jhumars with heavy embellishments are popular these days. There’s no need to add on more jewelry such as Tikka, mattha Patti to your forehead if you wearing this Chunkiest Jhumar. This Jhumar is not just our favorite on the list but is loved my every Pakistani bride. It complements the bride’s outfit perfectly. With side parted open hair and paired up with simple earrings and necklace. Just the perfect set of jewelry for your sangeet or mehndi function. Heavy Jhumars can be expensive or can be affordable, depending on the weight of embellishment you are looking for.

White Pearl Jhumar with White Diamantes

Isn’t the white Jhumar the most unique one out of the list? NO DOUBT IT IS! We admired this a ton, the combination of big and small size pearls attached with kundan and diamantes will look ideal for your engagement look. Engagements are all about wearing light coloured attire and simple jewelry. If you attire is light coloured and you are looking something similar then don’t forget to add this White pearl Jhumar to your jewelry. The combination of Light color dress, simple jewelry, light makeup, open hair and this WHITE PEARL JHUMAR with kundan and white diamantes is just the perfect look that a bride must be dreaming of! White pearl Jhumar can be bought for 1500 or 2000 Rs only!

Old vintage style Jhumar

This Jhumar will help you to remember your granny’s wedding days. It is the bronze color which makes it flawless for your big day with a stunning attire. Apart this, old vintage designs in Jhumar are easy to find but are the most aesthetic ones that will give some major aesthetic bride goals and vibes! The combination of vintage and bronze color Jhumars are inexpressible. Not to miss the bronze vintage strings, those are the real show stealers! You can pair this Jhumar with same old vintage styled necklaces and earrings or you can also go with a tikka too. These still won’t look heavy! Not to forget that woman of our today’s generation, specially living in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore are a diehard fan of Vintage jewelry. Such Jhumars are not expensive, you can easily buy them in 2000-2500 Rs only.


Latest Jhumar Price in Pakistan 2021

The estimated cost Start from 1500/RS to 2500/RS

Hope these magnificent beauties help you decide to make a great decision for your bridal look.

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