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Latest Jhumka Earring Types, New Designs with Price in Pakistan 2021

Latest Jhumka Earring Styles

If you are a bride to be then you must be planning so much for your big day. I mean why not, After all it’s your ‘one in a lifetime’ day. Every girl wishes to look perfect and like a princess on her big day. From choosing dresses to makeup and jewelry, for a bride everything should be perfect and unique.


Every guest has to lay their eyes on the bride and the bride attracts everyone towards her through her gorgeous and elegant whole look. The question is, what else other than her attire can attract everyone? Of course, her bunch of modern and beautiful jewelry.

You must have come across variations of necklaces and other jewelry pieces but have you laid you eyes on the latest Jhumka earring styles? These traditional Jhumkas can make a bride more appealing and more traditional. Let’s get into the depths of these latest Jhumka earrings before you miss out any. Check out each one of the below and choose the best for your big day!

Traditional Jhumkas – an inspiration to many

If you are Punjabi Pakistani woman and you have desi vibes running in your blood then you must be a BIG FAN of traditional Jhumka earrings. Whenever you think of Jhumkas, the first thing that pops up into the mind is how heavy these could be and how will I look in them. The heavier the Jhumkas are, the more appealing look you will get. Jhumkas are an inspiration to every school, college or university going girls also older women. Best part is you can wear them with casual attire too. We are here to help you give a few inspirations that you can choose from for your big day. Many women scroll through their instas or visit a few jewelers to buy their wedding jewelry, some find exactly what they are looking and some just don’t. So, don’t panic, we are here to take your worries away.

Types of Jhumka Earrings in Pakistan 2021

Just like everything, Jhumkas have various types too. They can be found in wide varieties, in every design. Desi women prefer heavy Jhumkas on their wedding day. We will discuss here the trendiest types that every bride would love to wear on her big day to look extra beautiful.

Antique Jhumkas

If you a stylish bride of Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore then you must be thinking to wear something aesthetically antique Jhumkas. If you also want to look traditional then these are the ones that will fulfill your wish! Antique Jhumkas were worn by women of 18s and 19s and now these are redesigned in more modern way but still are the traditional ones. These are perfect for a traditional bride that will make her look more gorgeous.

Antique Jhumkas Design with Price in Pakistan

Ruby studded Jhumkas

If you are a big fan of stones then you can stud ruby in your Jhumkas for more modern look. Ruby looks so beautiful in Jhumkas and look exceptional on a bride. You can choose any design with them, whatever you like. It will give you a very gorgeous look.

Ruby Studded Jhumka Earring Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Diamond Jhumkas

Diamonds look so beautiful on every woman. Diamonds are a best friend of women. Nothing can beat diamond Jhumkas in beauty as they have very unique look. Diamond Jhumkas can be found in different various designs. These Jhumkas are quite expensive but are a best friend of Pakistani brides. You can give your own designs to a jeweler. These diamond Jhumkas add an extra unique appeal to a bride.

Diamond Jhumka Earring Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Long Jhumkas

If you want to add an extra touch of beauty to your appearance then you should definitely go for long heavy Jhumkas. Pakistani Brides are always looking for something extra and elegant. Long Jhumkas will do justice to your whole attire. Whatever design you opt for, a bride always looks gorgeous in extra jewelry and long Jhumkas are top on the list.

Long Jhumka Earring Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Silver Jhumkas

Silver Jhumkas are a go to for every attire and will do justice to your appearance. These silver Jhumkas are a perfect match to a walima function and can go well with light color dress. These are also available in different designs with various embellishments studded into them.

Silver Jhumka Earring Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Gold Jhumkas

Gold Jhumkas were the first introduced Jhumkas. These are worn by every Pakistani bride of every standard. There were times when women bought gold jewelry but now, we have variations. 80% of our brides now still prefer their grandma’s antique style jewelry. Every jewelry shop has to offer a wide variety of gold Jhumka designs from which you can easily choose yours.

Gold Jhumka Earring Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Buying Guide – Jhumka Earring Designs in Pakistan 2021

Traditional Jhumkas are a dream of every bride but there are a few things that must be kept in mind. Best for those who are new to buying jewelry.

So, before you buy anything, keep the below mentioned points in your head:


Choose lightweight Jhumkas not heavyweight, lightweight Jhumkas are convenient for every bride because these are easy to wear and a plus that these looks beautiful.


First select your hairstyle then choose your Jhumkas. This way you can choose the best ones that will carry the whole look perfectly.

Match with Outfits

It’s a must that your Jhumkas should match your outfit. For example, gold Jhumkas can not go well with silver work attire and silver Jhumkas can not go with gold color work attire.

High Quality

Jhumkas should be of high quality because low quality Jhumkas wont last long. They can break at any time and can be worst.

Latest Trends & Fashion

Choose from latest trends because those are best of the BEST!, The design should go with your whole look otherwise it will give you a totally different odd look.

 Everything you need is mentioned above, choose whatever you wish and steal the show!

Latest Jhumka Earring Online Price in Pakistan 2021

The price start from 300/Rs to 3000/Rs. Its depend on quality.

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