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Layering Your Jewelry Has Never Been More Meaningful

Ever since inception, we’ve been the biggest fans of layering jewelry. Mixing and matching pieces from our collections over the years sparks so much joy, especially because it proves over and over again that you don’t need a whole outfit to create a new look, all you need is some nifty layering and you have something brand, spanking new on your hands.


With our latest Legacy collection, mixing and matching as well as layering took on a whole new meaning. We introduced charms that you can keep close for years to come and even pass down generations. Charms that help you heal, protect, savour, define and identify your legacy and support the expression of your personality.


How does one go about it? It’s simple; take your pick from our base layers – either necklaces or bracelets. Once you’re done, pick a few charms that resonate with you most – et voilà!

When layering, we’d advise you to go by length. Pick a necklace that fits almost like a choker and go longer; for as long as you like! There are no rules to the layering game – the collection is meant to help you reveal who you are and express yourself in the best way possible.

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