Maang Tikka Must Have Forehead Ornament For Indian Women

In Indian tradition there are various kind of jewellery ornament which can be worn on different body parts, like necklace on neck, nath on nose, bajuband on arms and much more other types of jewellery and one of them is maang tikka a forehead ornament.

The importance of wearing maang tikka on forehead is that it’s an honour and indicates good fortune. Women’s worship their wisdom by adorning mang tika and this ornament protect from bad energy too.

Maang tikka is one of beautiful jewellery piece which is must for Indian bride to have in her wedding jewellery collection. It adds different vibrant look to brides on her special day. But now days not only brides wear mang tika but every woman loves to wear it.

In markets various types maang tika are available, before buying the one for you get the complete knowledge of various kinds maang tikka.

1. Gold Tone Traditional Maang Tika

Gold tone maang tika is usually clubbed with other matching gold finish jewellery. In olden day gold tone maang tika used be simple and decent in design but now in modern day we can see a huge variety in gold finish maang tika accompanied with pearls and stones.

2. American Diamond Maang Tika

Diamond embedded stylish maang tika are perfect pick for all those girls who believe in modern look.  This type of maang tika are just enough for that outstanding look and adds more resplendence to girl’s visage.  American diamond maang tika’s combined with ruby and emerald stones are exceptionally adorable and best to team with party costumes.

3. Jhoomar/Passa

Jhoomar/Passa is a traditional type of hair ornament worn by Muslim women’s. It is mostly worn on the left hand side of the forehead. It is available in fan and triangular shape styled with pearls along with stones.

4. Borla

Borla or bor is commonly used by Rajasthani women’s to complete their traditional look. It is available in round ball shape studded with semi-precious stones and pearls along with enamel work for additional beauty. Even this beautiful jewellery ornament was spotted on Aishwarya’s forehead in Jodha Akbar movie.

5. Kundan/Jadau Maang Tika

Kundan or jadau maang tika is much more in trend now days. The design of this maang tika is truly eye-pleasing and is perfect to team with designer apparel.

6. Matha Patti

One of the most trendy type of maang tika is matha patti. Matha patti completely adorn the forehead as it has additional layer to the sides of maang tika. It is perfect for brides to accompany with her other ornaments. The side layers of matha patti may varies they may be single or multiple.

7. One Sided Maang Tika

It is new type of maang tika noticed in television shows. The center maang tika is attached to multiple strands but only on one side. Since this maang tika styled with the stones and most popularly with kundan.

8. South Indian Mang Tika/Nethi Chutti:

South Indian forehead ornament is unique among the other type of mang tika. It has a thick band on both side of mang tika often studded with pearls and precious stones. Mostly South Indian mang tika is worn along with two round pendants. These pendants are pinned in the hairs, right hand side pendant represents the sun and left one represents the moon.

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