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Minimal Jewelry Looks from Real Bride Are Mesmerizing Yet Subtle

Minimal Jewelry Looks from Real Bride Are Mesmerizing Yet Subtle

Who said donning on tons of jewels was the only way to go?


You might have seen the recent trend of excessive jewelry. So, it’s easy to give in and don on jewels like you are one of the maharani’s of the olden days. To be fair, some women have the constitution to rock the look. However, enormous jewels aren’t for everyone. Some delicate ladies abhor the weight, which keeps them uncomfortable throughout the ceremony. Also, some women just feel that the over-the-board, heavy, Nani Ama’s jewels aren’t for them, and there is nothing wrong with that either. We have seen women of both heavy and slender build rocking the delicate jewelry that gives them a look of exquisite fragility. In conclusion, we adore the looks. From Yumnah Zaid, Mehreen Syed to Faiza Saleem and Mehek Saeed; minimal jewelry looks are pretty if done right. Not to mention the heavenly look of Zoe Viccaji, for instance. We still aren’t over her wedding attire.

Also, if your bridal dress is a little too much, wearing delicate jewels is the perfect way to balance it out. It gives the dress its proper chance to make highlights.  Don’t believe us? Look at the pictures we have collected from the real brides, who chose minimal jewelry on different events of their wedding.








We are sure these pretty brides made a real inspirational case for the minimal jewelry look for the weddings. And we also love how many different interpretations of the concept have been made by the brides. If any of these brides made you change your mind about wearing heavy jewelry on your wedding, you have our approval to go for simple elegance.

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