Mundavalya – Maharashtrian Wedding Jewellery Ornament Revealed

Maharashtrian wedding is simple yet very unique than any other type Indian of wedding. Unlike other brides Maharashtrian bride wear a green or yellow paithani saree & choose to wear either gold or pearl Maharashtrian Jewellery on the wedding day. Like bride, the attire of groom is also unique he wears Dhotar & Kurta.

The very common thing among bride & groom on their wedding is Mundavalya.

Mundavalya is a forehead ornament worn by Maharashtrian bride & groom. It is made from pearl & has two pearls strings which define the togetherness of bride & groom. It is horizontally tied on the forehead & it has great importance in Maharashtrian wedding.

The marriage function starts with Gaurihar Puja in which bride is gifted paithani saree & Mundavalya.

The Mundavalya is tied on bride’s forehead when she is ready to step towards the mandap. It means that she is happily ready to marriage. The Maharashtrian wedding is incomplete without Mundavalya.


Maharashtrian Mundavali
Marathi Mundavalya
Maharashtrain Mundavlya
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